What we did on Wednesday (and today)

Wednesday was a beautiful day.  We played outside.  There were lots of cute little purple flowers growing in the grass.  The girls enjoyed picking them.

 Drama Queen built this nifty little. . .um, whatever it is:

 DQ watered the crocuses which have flowered.
 Today was not so pleasant weather wise.  We went to the Mall to play at the play area.  Drama Queen kept finding new friends to play with and this older girl got her to be brave and climb across the dino ribs.

 Mischief really loved the marble globe water ball thing.


sleepless said…
Yay for the mall free amusement !! Crocusses must be what I have in my back yard ..that are not daffodils ! Thanks for the photos !!
sleepless said…
what is with Ava's head in the chalk photo ?
3rdtimeMom said…
Either she or her oh so helpful big sister pour sand on her head when they were playing in the sandbox.

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