What we do Wednesday

Today we had a school day to try and get me back on track.  We didn't start our school day until after Mischief was put to bed for her nap.  She didn't sleep.
Drama Queen and I first did two rounds of ABC/abc bingo.  I made it this morning.  She struggles with her lowercase letters so the boards are all lower case and I hold up capital letters.  I told her that Namma said she didn't look happy yesterday, so here she is being happy.
Then we did an activity from an old issue of The Friend.
Then we took care of the dishes and vacuumed the kitchen and the dogs room.

Since Mischief was still awake and hollering to get out of bed, we got her and started on our Easter crafts.  This is a Pinecone chick craft that is in a book we borrowed from the library.

First we painted our pinecones yellow.
Then we glued tissue paper grass onto our base
The next step is is to stuff fiberfill into the pinecone
Or not.
Finally, glue on the eyes, beak and wings.
Or not.
Hello Chickies! Pinecones from the park last fall, fiberfill from the thrift store 3 yrs ago (50 cents for a huge bag), paint from Walmart a few years ago 48cents a tube, foam sheets from the dollar store, google eyes from the dollar store, green tissue left over for Christmas a few years ago, glue from either Target or Walmart back to school sale.  I say it officially counts as a dollar store craft, yes?
Our other activity was handprint duck pictures.  We did this while waiting for our pinecones to dry.


Sleepy said…
Good job my daughter!
sleepless said…
Well, how fun !! I love artsy crafts !! Way to go Abby !! They enjoy it I am SURE !!! What a cool mom !

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