Saturday, April 30, 2011

Got the dress done in time.  I don't have any pictures of it, as I was barely in time as in they were standing in my messy house waiting for me to finish the sash so they could all go get ready.  It looked nice though I think.  I'm running on 4 hours of sleep. I'm tired and slightly cranky, but not nearly so cranky as Mischief, but I refuse to put her down for a nap since yesterday I gave in and put her down for a nap and she was up until 10pm.

I wish I had a book to listen to while working on some projects for myself!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cause' I'm silly.

Oy, forgot about a visiting teaching appointment tonight!  Oops :o/

In other news it was my nephew's first birthday so we celebrated that with them.  On our way home we checked the mail, and Oh I know you'll be so jealous.  This very brief note is so going in my scrapbook:

Do you know who M.P. is?  Well it wouldn't be so bad, if it had stayed with old dad, but we've all got daddy's nose!  Marvin Payne!  No I didn't just get some Saturday's Warrior item. . .no, I ordered something I've been missing since not being at my parents with a record and record player.  I check ebay.  No luck.  Checked amazon, no luck.  Check his webpage, and there you have it!  What is it you ask?  The Planemaker!!

Is it an official printed CD of it like my dad has?  Nope, that's the 1995 version anyway.  Me I'm a 1978 truest due to having first grown up with the record.  You can buy either from him.  And what does he do? Burns you your very own hand labeled copy, lol.

Thanks Marvin Payne, I'm so excited to get these songs stuck in my kids heads!
And it's possible you may know him from small parts on various made for TV movies.

The weather is supposed to be horrible tomorrow so Mr. Man so kindly got the compost dug in the front and back gardens.  I didn't get the spinach, lettuce, beets or carrots planted, but oh well.

Our tulips are doing lovely.  We have a purple one about to bloom even.
 Mischief kept pointing to the garden and saying "Worm, worm!"  and yes there was a worm.  Daddy picked it up and
 asked if she wanted to hold it
 She quickly pulled her hands away and stepped back with an emphatic "No!"  She's held worms before, so I don't know why she had a problem with them today.
 Drama Queen looked rather Holly Hobbie out in her sunbonnet and stripwork skirt.
 The girls love how many dandelions we have.  Infact there's more this year than last year and I'm pretty sure it has something to do with all the ones they blew last year!
 Though these sandals rub Mischief's ankles, she loves that she can get them on and off by herself.  And see, she did wear a hat for most of our time outside today.  Both girls had sunscreen as well since Drama Queen had a slight burn yesterday (though with her skin it was gone today) from the short bike ride she took with daddy.

Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .Mischief wandered into our room at 1:15am.  I pulled her into bed with us and I worked on falling back asleep. . .but she did not.  Infact it wasn't until about 5am that she finally conked out.  I guess 4 hours of fidgeting, getting in and out of bed, wandering the dark house, and requesting drinks finally wore her back down.  Needless to say, I am so so tired today.

Truth is. . .at 10am I went back to bed until noon.

Truth is. . .Mischief now has her very own sleeping bag for this summer!  One I had been looking at online for her as in the bargain bin at Cabela's because the outer fabric had a 2 inch cut from when the box was openned.  I'll take that deal!  I ironed a patch on it this morning to cover the tear.  A lovely little fairy.

Truth is. . .I just want to play my Nancy Drew computer game.

Truth is. . .I did a load of dishes this morning!!  I've waited the last 3 days for Mr. Man to clean out the dishwasher (a task I really don't enjoy, which he thinks is silly because it's really very simple to put away clean dishes) but it didn't happen so I did it this morning.

Truth is. . . I need to get planting!  lettuce, spinach, kohlrabi, beets carrots.  All those things need to be in the ground.  They're not.  My root vegetable box is still leaning against the shed in the form of a board. . .hahaha.

Truth is. . .Drama Queen doesn't know the difference between "tell" and "ask".  I've given up on correcting her that she's going ASK daddy not TELL daddy, cause she does ask a question, but she never remembers which it is, ask or tell.

Truth is. . . .Drama Queen is wearing her stripwork skirt (coral, sage, and yellow color tones) with leopard print tights and a white shirt that has burnt orange polka dots.  I really hope people understand that she dresses herself. . .

Truth is. . .I really love seaweed salad.  Ridiculous amounts of green food coloring and all. I think we'll do our grocery shopping at the oriental market today.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So close!

 I have to unpick and re-sew the bottom of the zipper where I didn't quite grab all layers of fabric.  Then I have to hand sew in the bodice lining.  The ruffles are not the gathered sort of ruffles but rather full circles. . . .which are a pain to hem!  And the hem won't lay flat, so that's driving me nuts.  Besides those complaints, and the worry that the sleeves won't fit (used sleeves from a different size 8 pattern as this pattern was for a sleeveless dress and the mama wanted sleeves), I think it's a lovely dress, the layers are just luscious.
 I'll have to run to the fabric store in the morning to pick up some yellow satin as the piece I was given is 3/8ths too short.  Oh pattern pieces. . .you're so picky about placement!
Mr. Man was super daddy today!  He took Mischief on a 15 mile bike ride (she sat in the bike trailer we got with some of our tax refund) and then went on a bike ride with Drama Queen for a bit.  He walked while she rode her bike, which she is getting too big for.  He says her knees are hitting the handle bars.  She's happy about this because Walmart has a bike she wants, which I agree is an ADORABLE bike. . .it has a doll baby seat on the back!  Isn't that the cutest thing ever?  I think it is.  She likes taking her Baby Jo with her on the scooter as it has a basket on the front, and she is certain that Baby Jo needs her own bike seat. 
Anyway, after that they ate lunch and went to play at the park.  This was all to give me time to actually do the sewing I was supposed to be doing and to do it without interuptions.  What a fabulous man!  He also cleaned up the carport and patio with the girls help.  Oh and he ALSO fulfilled my latest pregnancy whim which was for Krispy Kreme donuts.  After his Math final this morning he came home by way of Krispy Kreme and got a dozen donuts.  I've eaten about half of them myself.  So delicious.

In other news we ran into an Aunt and Uncle of mine at Target on Monday night, and then yesterday ran into the same Aunt as well as my fab cousin (her daughter) at D.I.  where we also found 4 pairs of jammas for Mischief!  And they're warm ones, hurrah!  And all four pairs together cost less than half the two pairs we got at Target cost. . . .Grrr.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We'll eventually get back to our regularly scheduled program.  Maybe next week.  Or the week after that.  Life is very busy around here with many many things to do and to get done.

Mischief is in the start of phasing out naptime.  It started with her not being tired enough to nap until 2 or 3 in the afternoon which then left her (and thus me) up until 10pm.  So we're on day two of no napping which Drama Queen likes because she gets to stay up an hour later to be sure Mischief is asleep by the time DQ is in bed.  Of course DQ is then sent to bed with threats for if she wakes Ava.  Threats of losing toys or priviledges or whatever money she has earned that day (this child works for quarters!)
I don't think Mischief has been feeling very well either.  She hasn't been eating very much the last few days.  We've been making sure to be in stock of bananas because she is guaranteed to eat them.  And strawberries.  And grapes.  Not high in calories, but they're good for her and hey, they're food.  She's even been rejecting candy.  Oh and she'll inhale hot dogs.  The child is pretty much a vegetarian with the exception of hot dogs, bacon and sometimes eggs.  Any other meat she'll just chew it and spit it out.

Drama Queen is. . .interesting.  I was thinking about how nice it'd be to send her home with California family this summer. . .then realized just how boring life around here would be without her!  To that Mr. Man said "Boring is okay." And then was quick to say "We love you!" to her (we were in the car while having this discussion).
True to form DQ is obsessed with the latest holiday.  Still wanting to do all these Easter things.  She's finished off all her candy.  Hid in her room with it and yep, that was breakfast.

I discovered today (thanks to Small Things) that you can use egg coloring tablets to dye yarn!  So I picked up three boxes of dye today at half price.  Each has 9 color tablets.  One of my many future projects of course.  Need to get or make a drop spindle as well. . .

Today Mr. Man asked what we were going to do for Mischief's birthday, as it is now in less than a month.  Yes, she's almost 2!  I told him I don't know.  I hadn't thought about it.  I'm very okay with doing the same thing as we did last year which was me taking the girls for a photo shoot and then splurging on cupcakes from a cupcake cafe.

Mr. Man just got registered for fall semester.

I finished off the roll of 35mm film this afternoon (once it had stopped with the brief snow flurries).  We'll see if and how the pictures turned out next week.  I need to walk up to walgreens and drop off my film.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Well I did spend the day making, but since I didn't get as far on the sewing as I had intended, I refuse to take pictures.  I will finish it tomorrow though!  That is the plan!

I love that Amazon has super saver shipping. . .except that I want my books NOW.  I'm having trouble being patient.

We stopped at Target today for part of family home evening, because Mischief is definately done with her 12 month pajamas.  The squish her feet and don't allow for much movement from heel to shoulder.  Of course we discovered that they only have summer pajamas now. . .So she's wearing a long sleeve shirt under the short sleeve top.  At least it came with pants.  And hurray for clearance.  Though I told Mr. Man we'd better get out of the clothes department after I grabbed them otherwise I knew I'd keep finding super cute things (and yes I was).  Of course as we were walking out of it I pointed out that this summer when she does need size 18 month summer clothes. . .they'll have winter clothes in stock.  He had to admit I was right.  So she got a short sleeve shirt from clearance as well as a shortsleeve carter's outfit.  I figure I can make her lots of clothes this summer, right? right.

I'm now the proud owner of a Pentax K1000.  I'm having fun figuring it out, though I did limit myself to just 5 pictures tonight because they'll all probably turn out too dark.  Wednesday is supposed to have nice weather so I'm planning a photo test shoot with the girls to try out the camera.
It's a 35mm, so ya'll will have to wait until the film is developed to see any pictures!  To see if I'm successful or not.  I'm just happy to have found a digital copy of the manual so I know what's what. . .and most importantly how to open the back of the camera so I could put film in!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Sooooooo.........I don't know where I put the camera.  That's okay though since the girls didn't have baths, and their dresses needed ironing.  Had a great day at church though.

The girls are now painting wooden eggs.  While Daddy plays guild wars and I. . .I don't know what I'm goign to do.  SOmething.  Mr. Man is on day 3 of not being able to eat without it immediately coming out of one end or the other.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sleeping in

I haven't been feeling 100% lately.  This morning I just couldn't get up.  The kids kept coming with questions or demands and I'd sort of grunt an answer and fall back asleep.  Mr. Man got up with them, and kindly locked our door behind him.  I then slept until 10:30am, and feel a tad more human, but not entirely.  I made a smoothie of a banana, some frozen strawberries, some V8 fusion (Strawberry Banana) and some Nancy's yogurt (vanilla.  Nancy's yogurt is all natural, just barely sweetened with some organic agave nectar.  Mischief and I love it.  It's too tart for Drama Queen and Mr. Man). I was hoping for a healthy energy boost, but it hasn't really happened that way.  We're too late for any of the city easter egg hunts, which I'm okay with since they've spent the morning eating candy from the Expo yesterday.
What I really wanted to share with you today is one of my favorite blogs that I lurk at.  Aspiring Homemaker - it is written by a teenage girl in the South, who's family moved from the city into a cottage on decent acreage of land.  They have since begun to live a more simple life, and she started a blog about these simple joys.  Her blog really just speaks to my soul and helps me feel at ease and know that all is right in the world somewhere.  It also makes me want to live in the South (again some more) especially since where ever it is they live, they haven't been hit by the tornados which is my main fear of southern living.  Her blog post today is gorgeous and makes me want to be doing all the things I should, namely chores and sewing.  I'm grateful for our neighbor who lets Drama Queen come over to play and watch movies for a few hours.  She'll be going to do that later today and I will certainly take advantage of the time without tending (to screaming and excessively talking children).  I must go admire Aspiring Homemaker's pictures again and then get to work.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Utah Valley Women's Expo

The girls and I headed over to the Expo today.  Mr. Man was going to keep Mischief at home with him, but his colitis has been acting up and he's just not having a good day.

We arrived early so we waited a bit before going in.
 I was disappointed to find only one kids boutique booth.  Though, it was the one I was looking forward to browsing, I was also disappointed that there were no bow booths.  I was hoping Flutterbye would be there with their tiny 50 cent bow clippies.

Happily the local beauty school was there again and since we were at the head of the crowd the girls didn't have to wait to get their nails painted.
 While Drama Queen had her nails painted purple, Mischief worked on one of her lollipops.  This is how I got DQ to agree to come, I told her it would be like trick or treating, and indeed it was.

 Mischief kept holding a hand out and wiggling her fingers while looking at them, the students from the school happily obliged to paint her nails pink.  She spent the next hour stopping and admiring them about every 10 minutes.  It was adorable.

 A stress relief booth had coloring, intended of adults, but kids were invited too.  I informed the gal at the booth that taking pictures was my stress relief, and I didn't need to color and have the coloring analyzed.
 Then we came across a ceramics booth for a Color Me Mine type place (but not color me mine).  They let the kids paint things for free, and will call in about a week when the items have gone through the kiln.
 I told Mischief she could paint at home, and so she spent the time dancing on the stage. She was quite patient, as Drama Queen sat there for at least 15 minutes.  5 other kids came, painted and left in the matter of time that DQ sat painting her egg.

By now it was past Mischief's naptime and she was getting rather cranky. . .which actually resulted in her being given more candy because everyone thought she was adorable.  She is.  Anyway, we decided to call it a day, we missed a section of booths, but it was lunch and naptime.  I may print off another ticket and head back tomorrow minus children.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .we were all in bed until 9am.  Not sleeping though, we were all in my bed having a tickle fest.  Some mornings just work out that way.

Truth is. . .I actually sat down and folded/hung/put away laundry this morning.  No more clean clothes towering over the couch!  With exception that I'm still washing as no laundry got done last week.

Truth is. . .I think Mr. Man and I are both is sort of an afraid to start anything funk.  Even though we know the ceilings and roof are now taken care of, there's still this feeling hanging around that we need to be ready to head off in a moment.

Truth is. . .I'm a slacker when it comes to sewing for other people.  Two more projects to finish and then I'm taking the summer off of requests!!

Truth is. . .I'm lacking sewing motivation the last two weeks.  with exception that I want to make pillows.

Truth is. . .If I didn't have this sewing to do I'd be enjoying the peeling of wallpaper.  And yes, I do mean enjoying.  Peeling things is fun.  Didn't you cover your desk with elmer's glue at the end of the day in elementary school so when you came back in the morning you could enjoy peeling the dried glue off?

Truth is. . .I have a huge project list.  None of which I can do until I get these other things done.  Which is why I don't want to do the other things, hahaha.  Which makes for an endless cycle of non-productivity.

Truth is. . .I should be sewing right now, but obviously I'm not.

Truth is. . .I have 7 hot pepper plants started because I used a pack of seeds that was mixed hot peppers and in hopes of getting a variety I planted 8 pellets of hot pepper plants.

Truth is. . .I'm the only one in the family who likes hot food.  I figure I'll make lots of hot pepper jelly.

Truth is. . .when transfering my seedlings to larger pots, I was also cutting them down to one seedling per pot (I always plant three seeds for better odds of at least one sprouting).  Mischief loved eating the onion sprouts I trimmed.  She tried up rooting some of the sprouts to keep because she wanted more.  Not something Drama Queen would ever do.  She hates onions and those red onion tops were quite potent!

Truth is. . . my knee finally seems to have recovered from whatever I did to hurt it.  Though it and my back hurting yesterday made cutting pattern pieces VERY difficult.  As in getting 3 pieces placed and cut took over an hour.  It was very very frustrating.

Truth is. . .we now have the CUTEST spring placemats.  I so recommend finding a blog doing a swap.  I've though about doing one but didn't until this month when I found an Easter swap one.  Though I was late getting my package out to the recipient.  Still super fun!  And I don't have to buy or make Easter candy for the girls now.  Thanks Victoria!!

Truth is. . .making marshmallows is still on my list.  I just don't have to try and do it by Sunday now, which is good because I have sewing that needs to get done!  I don't like store marshmallows unless they are campfire burnt.  I'm hoping homemade ones will be marvelously delicious.

Truth is. . .okay I've dawdled enough, back to work. . . .*sigh*

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The girls played.  Daddy took them out for a while so mommy could try and get some things done.  Got the seedlings into bigger pots.  Chives and some of the onions into a planter I bought 4 years ago and have been dragging around without ever using. Back hurts.  Left knee still not liking me.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Did not sleep well last night.
Determined to make today productive.
Started with emptying and loading the dishwasher.
Moved on to the washer to discover a load of clothes had been left in it last week before we went to stay at my brother's.
Gave the kids marshmallows, dried cranberries and blueberries, and juiceboxes for breakfast and put on Strawberry Shortcake via Netflix.
It rained all night.
At least I don't have to water the peas today!
Speaking of peas we now officially have 4 pea plants.
Peas that won't be too happy to discover I won't thin them since three are within an 8 inch space.  I'm keeping all the plants I can get!
The tulips finally bloomed.
Lots of fabric to prewash.
Lots of sewing for to do for other people.
Need to run to the post office.
Don't want to get out of my pj pants.
Listening to Mo-Tab.
How can I cut fabric when it's this cold?!
And with Mischief wandering about.  She loves "helping".  Which involves sitting in the middle of the cutting board and whatever is on it and stealing my pins.
Brilliant idea!  I'll clear off the toy table and put the cutting board on it.
Turning up the thermostat and grabbing a sweater.
Will blog the usual Tutu Tuesday later.
Oh, and my left knee has been hurting since yesterday.  Tylenol is not helping.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Drama Queen's Haircut

Drama Queen has been asking since January to get her hair cut again.  She didn't think we cut it short enough last August when it was taken from mid back to just above her shoulders.  So today we went and got her hair cut at Cookie Cutters.  I of course again forgot the camera, so no pictures of the haircut in progress or the cuteness of the place.  This time I asked them to cut it so it was the same length as her bangs were at, as they've grown out quite well so far.  She is absolutely thrilled with it.  I think Mr. Man doesn't like how short it is.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I heart faces: Wind

Back when Drama Queen's hair was long we had a nice photoshoot on the porch during Mischief's nap.  It was right after a rainstorm and the wind was blowing the clouds and there was a sudden moment when the sun popped out so brightly!
Three major Drama Queen melt downs in the process of getting ready for church.  End result: 9:10am and she's still not dressed.  Fine, I don't want to deal with you like this there.  Guess we're "inactive".  In the following hour at home. . .about another 5 tantrums because she didn't want to share.  Did the kid not sleep last night or what?
Day isn't even half over and I'm so done.
Want chocolate.  And a warm closet to hide in.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Super Saturday: Wallpaper Removal

Today the girls and I started on removing the wall paper from the walls.  It was interesting because the wallpaper that you see, is vinylish, backed by regular wallpaper paper. . .and UNDER that is a base paper to which the wallpaper is pasted to.  The base paper is what keeps the wallpaper from going into the paneling grooves, so from 40 inches above the floor and up to the ceiling, I'm doing my darnest to leave that base paper intact for under our blue wallpaper.  It's not a difficult thing to do though because that sucker is stuck on there and I'm going to have my work cut out for me to get it off of the lower 40 inches so I can paint the paneling white.    I've decided on semi-gloss since we have a very sneaky little one who has trouble understanding that she's only supposed to draw on paper.

Mischief was enthralled by the activity and spent a good 10 to 15 minutes helping me, the only thing that interupted her delight in it was Drama Queen's joining us, thus removing her sole control of the spray bottle of water.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Home Again. . .again.

After three days away, we now know that our answering machine can hold 46 messages.  We are that popular, I guess, if you count the call not being important enough to leave a message.
We stayed at my brother's house (thank you thank you thank you!) for three days while my sister-in-law's father came and put up some supports for our ceiling.
The main rooms seem so much larger now!  In our largest room they ended up raising it SEVEN inches.  You can totally feel the difference.
Here are some in progress pictures as well as the finished beams and posts.  Now for painting and wallpapering (and it is wallpaper currently, not contact paper like we hoped April!)  Ignore the disaster that is our clutter and furniture moved away from the walls.

 The girls room finished:

 The small living room

 An artistic shot, since my sis-in-law thought I should take pictures since I take pictures better, I figured I might as well try something to live up to that. . .

 Covering the metal brackets.  Hoping it looks pretty once painted. . .
 Yes, the man is tall.

And now I'm going to order the wallpaper and chair rail for the west half of the large room.  We have lots of arrangement pondering to do, having these beams to work around.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tutu Tuesday

Well now, that's quite fun.  That being Mischief sitting on the floor looking through the Ensign and excitedly exclaiming "Mommy! Mommy!  Gee!!"  And she's pointing to an article on the Carl Bloch exibit that we went to last week.  Specifically pointing to one of the alter pictures on display.  Her "Gee" is Jesus.  She then excitedly looked through the magazine for more pictures of Jesus pointing and announcing "Gee!" at each one.
Well. . . .Mr. Man will be taking the summer off from school and possibly pick up a day shift at Target.  He's decided. . .maybe he'll be a PE teacher.  This makes me laugh laugh laugh.  We'll see how long he stays with that.  But at least he's finally gotten an idea of some goal!
On Sunday he started doing P90X, a 90 day exercise program.  A friend loaned it to him.  Since he started exercising again last week, he's been doing alot better depression/sleep wise.  He has been working hard to spend lots of time with us.  It's nice.
Now to convince him that buying compost and other gardening supplies is more important and worthwhile than a bike trailer for the kids to sit in.

On the other hand, my medicine seems to not be working again.  Is Butterfly sucking up all my serotonin or what?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Make-it Monday: Colored Eggs

I don't like the plastic eggs you can get in any store this time of year.  Last year I finally just threw them away instead of putting them in with the holiday decorations.  That being said, I do still like colored eggs!  Drama Queen took it upon herself to make us some eggs, cutting egg shapes out of paper.  I browsed etsy for more natural egg ideas, discovering painted wood eggs, paper-mache eggs, and wool eggs.  Thus inspired I grabbed all my wool roving and my felting needles and quickly made a few eggs.  Really, they took maybe a half hour each, each one coming together faster than the last.  I've ordered more roving, as you can see I have a limited color supply.

The way I made the eggs was along the same lines of how I did the wool balls, except that I needle felted them instead of wet felting.
I took my natural colored roving and I spread it out.
 Then I rolled and pushed it into an oval shape.
 I tried to keep one end a bit narrower than the other.
 Then poke it all over with a felting needle.  Be careful.  Thankfully this is thick enough that you have to be using a lot of force to get yourself, so long as you're watching where you're poking.
 Just poke enough until it holds it's form and is a bit firmer.  Assess whether it needs to be have more roving anywhere.  Obviously this one does.
 Wrap and poke until it's the shape you want.
 Then lay the colored roving over it and needle felt in place.  I left this one speckled so I can add a layer of lighter blue once it arrives.
The girls LOVE these eggs.  They are soft and light, they won't hurt to be stepped on.  Each one is different.  And they're so fun and easy to make!
 I also needle felted some butterflies and a star using cookie cutters to form the shapes. I just held a cookie cutter on my foam, filled it with roving however I wanted, then needled it down.  My needles are from Dreamcrafter, and my wool roving from Dreamcrafter, Sevenyaks, and Yancetta.
The girls painted this morning.  Drama Queen by permission, Mischief by determination.  It was too quiet.  I found her happily painting.  DQ won't be thrilled to see what was done to one of her finished pictures, but gosh was Mischief cute.