Books, books, I love books.   I have permission to spend $50 of our tax return.  I'm having a hard time deciding if I should use it on getting some books I've wanted for a long time (Elsa Beskov, Gyo FujikawaSibylle Von Olfers) or use it to get some waldorf/montessori supplies I've wanted for a long time.  Oh the decisions!  
I'm excited that I have cut down the kids toys to one trunk to rotate out with the other toys.  Instead of two trunks and an additional 20 gallon tub.  I've cut it down to the things they actually play with, wonder blocks, wood blocks, bristle blocks, dollhouse, Little people (cut our supply in half though), finger puppets, puzzles, play food, etc.  
I'm working to get craft stuff under control as well, and the kitchen cupboards.  I'm attempting to simplify (again some more).  
Mischief is still awake.  We've tried putting her to bed three times.  And each time she woke Drama Queen up.  Though DQ went back to sleep fairly quickly the first two times, we're still waiting for her to fall asleep from the last time.  She came out a few minutes ago and said, "Why is it so dark outside?"  "Because it's still bedtime!!!"  


sleepless said…
Did you sell thte little people stuff on ebay ?

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