Cause' I'm silly.

Oy, forgot about a visiting teaching appointment tonight!  Oops :o/

In other news it was my nephew's first birthday so we celebrated that with them.  On our way home we checked the mail, and Oh I know you'll be so jealous.  This very brief note is so going in my scrapbook:

Do you know who M.P. is?  Well it wouldn't be so bad, if it had stayed with old dad, but we've all got daddy's nose!  Marvin Payne!  No I didn't just get some Saturday's Warrior item. . .no, I ordered something I've been missing since not being at my parents with a record and record player.  I check ebay.  No luck.  Checked amazon, no luck.  Check his webpage, and there you have it!  What is it you ask?  The Planemaker!!

Is it an official printed CD of it like my dad has?  Nope, that's the 1995 version anyway.  Me I'm a 1978 truest due to having first grown up with the record.  You can buy either from him.  And what does he do? Burns you your very own hand labeled copy, lol.

Thanks Marvin Payne, I'm so excited to get these songs stuck in my kids heads!
And it's possible you may know him from small parts on various made for TV movies.

The weather is supposed to be horrible tomorrow so Mr. Man so kindly got the compost dug in the front and back gardens.  I didn't get the spinach, lettuce, beets or carrots planted, but oh well.

Our tulips are doing lovely.  We have a purple one about to bloom even.
 Mischief kept pointing to the garden and saying "Worm, worm!"  and yes there was a worm.  Daddy picked it up and
 asked if she wanted to hold it
 She quickly pulled her hands away and stepped back with an emphatic "No!"  She's held worms before, so I don't know why she had a problem with them today.
 Drama Queen looked rather Holly Hobbie out in her sunbonnet and stripwork skirt.
 The girls love how many dandelions we have.  Infact there's more this year than last year and I'm pretty sure it has something to do with all the ones they blew last year!
 Though these sandals rub Mischief's ankles, she loves that she can get them on and off by herself.  And see, she did wear a hat for most of our time outside today.  Both girls had sunscreen as well since Drama Queen had a slight burn yesterday (though with her skin it was gone today) from the short bike ride she took with daddy.


sleepless said…
That is so awesome of Marvin Payne !! YES ! Thanks for sharing all the fun photos !! I love having a clue !!
Emily Robertson said…
VERY Holly Hobbie! Too cute! I can't wait to see you guys next week =)

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