Happy Easter

Sooooooo.........I don't know where I put the camera.  That's okay though since the girls didn't have baths, and their dresses needed ironing.  Had a great day at church though.

The girls are now painting wooden eggs.  While Daddy plays guild wars and I. . .I don't know what I'm goign to do.  SOmething.  Mr. Man is on day 3 of not being able to eat without it immediately coming out of one end or the other.


sleepless said…
So glad you had a great day at church ! Mr. Man may have to seriously get on a proper diet for his colitis !
Julianna said…
I should have taken a nap.

I did not.

And now I'm going into the work week exhausted from doing stuff all day.

So much for the "holiday" weekend.
Mandi said…
what was he told he could or couldn't have for his colitis? I was told to never ever have dairy, greasy food or caffeine again. I wanted to hit him. Or cry. I never gave up any of it. My fault huh?

Has he ever had the medicine they give for it? its AMAZING!!! no side effects and is seriously magical....
Laurel said…
That is terrible! I hope Mr. Man feels better soon.
3rdtimeMom said…
Mandi - he wasn't told anything specifically, at least not that I was informed of. He knows he should eat better than he does though. I enjoy teasing him about his "beige" diet.

He has medicine for it, but never takes it.
So he kinda deserves what he gets. After living on peptobismal every half hour for like 3 hours he was finally able to eat a bit and seems to be doing alright today.

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