Home Again. . .again.

After three days away, we now know that our answering machine can hold 46 messages.  We are that popular, I guess, if you count the call not being important enough to leave a message.
We stayed at my brother's house (thank you thank you thank you!) for three days while my sister-in-law's father came and put up some supports for our ceiling.
The main rooms seem so much larger now!  In our largest room they ended up raising it SEVEN inches.  You can totally feel the difference.
Here are some in progress pictures as well as the finished beams and posts.  Now for painting and wallpapering (and it is wallpaper currently, not contact paper like we hoped April!)  Ignore the disaster that is our clutter and furniture moved away from the walls.

 The girls room finished:

 The small living room

 An artistic shot, since my sis-in-law thought I should take pictures since I take pictures better, I figured I might as well try something to live up to that. . .

 Covering the metal brackets.  Hoping it looks pretty once painted. . .
 Yes, the man is tall.

And now I'm going to order the wallpaper and chair rail for the west half of the large room.  We have lots of arrangement pondering to do, having these beams to work around.


sleepless said…
The wood beams will all look better once they have been primed and painted to blend in ! Some new $5 dollar glass light outlet covers will make it look better too !! Personally I would paint wood first and then see what is actually needed.

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