Home Again

The storm is now finally blowing in and the roofers did come and finish today.  So we are home again now.  And what I feared would happen, did indeed.  That's right, someone stepped through the ceiling by where the swamp cooler had been.

 The square hole is where the swamp cooler used to be.  And I don't know what to do about the broken beam.  Do you see how small the beams in this house are?  That's right, they're 1 x 2 inches.  Maybe 3 inches.
That's the worst that happened.  There are two spots in the living room that are drooping even more.

And there was debris on and infront of the entertainment center as well as in both bathrooms under the vents.

So they said that the roof is done, but there's still a roofing truck in our driveway.  Jordan will park on the street tonight and hopefully the truck will be gone tomorrow.
I'm drained of energy so I only cleaned up the living room mess and the kids bathroom.  I'm embarressed of how our house looked while they were here.  It's very messy and they had to get to the breaker numerous times.  Which is in the craft closet.  Which basically looks like an episode of Hoarders.
I'll spare you a picture of that.

Butterfly is kicking up a storm rival to the one blowing in outside.


Julianna said…
Oh. I'm so sorry. I hate having work crews in my house... and they're my family.

Dad's a General contractor, who subs out work to My brother's company, my uncle's the plumber, and very close friends are electricians...

Some how it's worse when your uncle or brother stumble upon the pile of unwashed clothes and undies. :(
sleepless said…
That is a pretty small amount of debree inside considering they took off the whole roof !!! Glad you are handling it okay !!
sleepless said…
SUCH a cool adventure !!
Emily Robertson said…
Oh man! What a pain! So is everything (your ceiling) fixed now???

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