Make-it Monday: Colored Eggs

I don't like the plastic eggs you can get in any store this time of year.  Last year I finally just threw them away instead of putting them in with the holiday decorations.  That being said, I do still like colored eggs!  Drama Queen took it upon herself to make us some eggs, cutting egg shapes out of paper.  I browsed etsy for more natural egg ideas, discovering painted wood eggs, paper-mache eggs, and wool eggs.  Thus inspired I grabbed all my wool roving and my felting needles and quickly made a few eggs.  Really, they took maybe a half hour each, each one coming together faster than the last.  I've ordered more roving, as you can see I have a limited color supply.

The way I made the eggs was along the same lines of how I did the wool balls, except that I needle felted them instead of wet felting.
I took my natural colored roving and I spread it out.
 Then I rolled and pushed it into an oval shape.
 I tried to keep one end a bit narrower than the other.
 Then poke it all over with a felting needle.  Be careful.  Thankfully this is thick enough that you have to be using a lot of force to get yourself, so long as you're watching where you're poking.
 Just poke enough until it holds it's form and is a bit firmer.  Assess whether it needs to be have more roving anywhere.  Obviously this one does.
 Wrap and poke until it's the shape you want.
 Then lay the colored roving over it and needle felt in place.  I left this one speckled so I can add a layer of lighter blue once it arrives.
The girls LOVE these eggs.  They are soft and light, they won't hurt to be stepped on.  Each one is different.  And they're so fun and easy to make!
 I also needle felted some butterflies and a star using cookie cutters to form the shapes. I just held a cookie cutter on my foam, filled it with roving however I wanted, then needled it down.  My needles are from Dreamcrafter, and my wool roving from Dreamcrafter, Sevenyaks, and Yancetta.
The girls painted this morning.  Drama Queen by permission, Mischief by determination.  It was too quiet.  I found her happily painting.  DQ won't be thrilled to see what was done to one of her finished pictures, but gosh was Mischief cute.


sleepless said…
Your felted eggs are Beautiful !! You have 2 little artists at your house. It is VERY unusual for Mischief's age to fill her space like that..and so patiently !! AWESOME ! What a fun, creative mommy !!
LOVE the felted eggs! You did such a great job on them! I'd love to try that someday with the girls...

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