Quick Update

Yesterday the roofers came and did the left half of the roof.  This week had been forecast to have two days in a row of sunshine, but that forecast has now changed to rain all week.  Instead of ripping off all the old roof in one day as they had planned, they instead removed the old roof on the left side and then put on the new one in it's entirety so we wouldn't have to worry about any water damage.  They will return to do the rest of the roof when the storms have passed.  Until then it seems we will be living at my brother's house since there is a large roofing truck living under our carport.

The girls are thoroughly enjoying spending so much time with their cousins and the feeling appears to be mutual.
Mr. Man has been struggling lately with not getting enough sleep.  He is on his second day of missing school because he just can't wake up enough.  I wake him up at the requested time and he's sound asleep again within 30 seconds.  While we are grateful for the extra hours at work, this isn't good for his grades.  Prayers in regard to that requested.
Butterfly has been quite the mover lately.  It's rather excessive in my opinion, though I'm grateful she's more awake during the day than at night.  There's a point between, Awe! My baby's moving and Stop kicking that!  and she has passed beyond that point.
Mischief absolutely loves that there is a swingset here at my brother's house and would love it if she could spend ALL day swinging.  Lately she's taken a special liking to her baby doll and wants it with her at all times.  It's quite cute when we're somewhere and she'll stop and ask with a panic/concerned expression "Baby?!"  then is happy when I tell her where baby is.
Drama Queen loves all the attention and playmates she has here.

It's really rather like a vacation for me, having all these kids around to entertain my children!  I just worry about being a burden.
The dog is out in their shed, he love love loved being able to run free around their backyard yesterday.  He pretty much never gets to run free as the nearest dog park is about 45 min. away and we do not have a fenced in area for him.  Hence why he basically has his own room so he does have a chance to have some room.


Emily Robertson said…
Hooray for a new roof! DQ's hair look adorable with her braids.
sleepless said…
Thanks for sharing all the photos !! I hate missing out on all the adventures !!! This helps

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