Sleeping in

I haven't been feeling 100% lately.  This morning I just couldn't get up.  The kids kept coming with questions or demands and I'd sort of grunt an answer and fall back asleep.  Mr. Man got up with them, and kindly locked our door behind him.  I then slept until 10:30am, and feel a tad more human, but not entirely.  I made a smoothie of a banana, some frozen strawberries, some V8 fusion (Strawberry Banana) and some Nancy's yogurt (vanilla.  Nancy's yogurt is all natural, just barely sweetened with some organic agave nectar.  Mischief and I love it.  It's too tart for Drama Queen and Mr. Man). I was hoping for a healthy energy boost, but it hasn't really happened that way.  We're too late for any of the city easter egg hunts, which I'm okay with since they've spent the morning eating candy from the Expo yesterday.
What I really wanted to share with you today is one of my favorite blogs that I lurk at.  Aspiring Homemaker - it is written by a teenage girl in the South, who's family moved from the city into a cottage on decent acreage of land.  They have since begun to live a more simple life, and she started a blog about these simple joys.  Her blog really just speaks to my soul and helps me feel at ease and know that all is right in the world somewhere.  It also makes me want to live in the South (again some more) especially since where ever it is they live, they haven't been hit by the tornados which is my main fear of southern living.  Her blog post today is gorgeous and makes me want to be doing all the things I should, namely chores and sewing.  I'm grateful for our neighbor who lets Drama Queen come over to play and watch movies for a few hours.  She'll be going to do that later today and I will certainly take advantage of the time without tending (to screaming and excessively talking children).  I must go admire Aspiring Homemaker's pictures again and then get to work.


sleepless said…
That is a beautiful site..The reinactment is right up your alley too !!!

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