So close!

 I have to unpick and re-sew the bottom of the zipper where I didn't quite grab all layers of fabric.  Then I have to hand sew in the bodice lining.  The ruffles are not the gathered sort of ruffles but rather full circles. . . .which are a pain to hem!  And the hem won't lay flat, so that's driving me nuts.  Besides those complaints, and the worry that the sleeves won't fit (used sleeves from a different size 8 pattern as this pattern was for a sleeveless dress and the mama wanted sleeves), I think it's a lovely dress, the layers are just luscious.
 I'll have to run to the fabric store in the morning to pick up some yellow satin as the piece I was given is 3/8ths too short.  Oh pattern pieces. . .you're so picky about placement!
Mr. Man was super daddy today!  He took Mischief on a 15 mile bike ride (she sat in the bike trailer we got with some of our tax refund) and then went on a bike ride with Drama Queen for a bit.  He walked while she rode her bike, which she is getting too big for.  He says her knees are hitting the handle bars.  She's happy about this because Walmart has a bike she wants, which I agree is an ADORABLE bike. . .it has a doll baby seat on the back!  Isn't that the cutest thing ever?  I think it is.  She likes taking her Baby Jo with her on the scooter as it has a basket on the front, and she is certain that Baby Jo needs her own bike seat. 
Anyway, after that they ate lunch and went to play at the park.  This was all to give me time to actually do the sewing I was supposed to be doing and to do it without interuptions.  What a fabulous man!  He also cleaned up the carport and patio with the girls help.  Oh and he ALSO fulfilled my latest pregnancy whim which was for Krispy Kreme donuts.  After his Math final this morning he came home by way of Krispy Kreme and got a dozen donuts.  I've eaten about half of them myself.  So delicious.

In other news we ran into an Aunt and Uncle of mine at Target on Monday night, and then yesterday ran into the same Aunt as well as my fab cousin (her daughter) at D.I.  where we also found 4 pairs of jammas for Mischief!  And they're warm ones, hurrah!  And all four pairs together cost less than half the two pairs we got at Target cost. . . .Grrr.


Burnhams said…
I want Kaliya to have that bike too! she would LOVE to put a doll back there!
I've missed reading your blog, but I've been so swamped that I'm just now trying to catch up here and there on my favorites! :)

Is Drama Queen's birthday coming up anytime soon, so she can maybe get the bike for a gift? It sounds adorable, and I know Bugster would have FLIPPED for something like that when she was little!!

The dress is gorgeous! I can't wait to get the opportunity to sew again soon! Your Mr Man sounds like a keeper! :)

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