Stopped at Hancock Fabrics today.  They are having a clean sweep sale where a very large amount of fabric is reduced to $3, $2, or $1 a yard.  I got 4 different fabrics at $1 a yard.  Three are gingham and one is floral, it was Drama Queen's request.  It can be her Easter dress or something.  I got 6 Butterick patterns, they were on sale for 99 cents a pattern.  I know, so unusual that I only got six instead of the limit which is 10.  I just got ones I thought I'd actually use, except for one which I got because I know Mr. Man will think it's cool.
They finally had white elastic thread in stock, so I bought both spools they had.  I've been waiting months for them to have it when I was there.

Grocery shopping is actually fun when you aren't trying to add up every penny as you put it items in your cart.

Lalalala.  I'm going to shirr something, I'm going to shirr something (yes Laurel, you're right, you made me not afraid to try!)

I'm going to go to bed soon!  Yippee!!

Tomorrow we're going up to Mr. Man's sister's house.  I've set up snack packs for the girls and need to gather up some toys to go as well.


Laurel said…
Going to do some shirting?
Laurel said…
My mother in law found the same sale. Dave told her to go back and get me some!

Good luck with your shirring, can't wait to see what you make!
Laurel said…
P.s. My computer is still being fixed and I am on Dave's iPad. It "corrects" things that it thinks are misspelled. I am having trouble getting it to let me type shirring.

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