Super Saturday: Wallpaper Removal

Today the girls and I started on removing the wall paper from the walls.  It was interesting because the wallpaper that you see, is vinylish, backed by regular wallpaper paper. . .and UNDER that is a base paper to which the wallpaper is pasted to.  The base paper is what keeps the wallpaper from going into the paneling grooves, so from 40 inches above the floor and up to the ceiling, I'm doing my darnest to leave that base paper intact for under our blue wallpaper.  It's not a difficult thing to do though because that sucker is stuck on there and I'm going to have my work cut out for me to get it off of the lower 40 inches so I can paint the paneling white.    I've decided on semi-gloss since we have a very sneaky little one who has trouble understanding that she's only supposed to draw on paper.

Mischief was enthralled by the activity and spent a good 10 to 15 minutes helping me, the only thing that interupted her delight in it was Drama Queen's joining us, thus removing her sole control of the spray bottle of water.


Laurel said…
Good luck with all the peeling!
Julianna said…
wish I had seen this earlier...

mix fabric softener (liquid form) in the spary bottle of water. let it soak in, then it will peel right off.

Good luck!

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