Three major Drama Queen melt downs in the process of getting ready for church.  End result: 9:10am and she's still not dressed.  Fine, I don't want to deal with you like this there.  Guess we're "inactive".  In the following hour at home. . .about another 5 tantrums because she didn't want to share.  Did the kid not sleep last night or what?
Day isn't even half over and I'm so done.
Want chocolate.  And a warm closet to hide in.


sleepless said…
If you made it to church, they could take care of her and give you a break...and it might be the stimulation she needs.
Freth Stifter said…
I can relate to the closet ...
only mine is called a "shop."
i feel that way so many times and finally realized that is when i need church the most. just my .02

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