Did not sleep well last night.
Determined to make today productive.
Started with emptying and loading the dishwasher.
Moved on to the washer to discover a load of clothes had been left in it last week before we went to stay at my brother's.
Gave the kids marshmallows, dried cranberries and blueberries, and juiceboxes for breakfast and put on Strawberry Shortcake via Netflix.
It rained all night.
At least I don't have to water the peas today!
Speaking of peas we now officially have 4 pea plants.
Peas that won't be too happy to discover I won't thin them since three are within an 8 inch space.  I'm keeping all the plants I can get!
The tulips finally bloomed.
Lots of fabric to prewash.
Lots of sewing for to do for other people.
Need to run to the post office.
Don't want to get out of my pj pants.
Listening to Mo-Tab.
How can I cut fabric when it's this cold?!
And with Mischief wandering about.  She loves "helping".  Which involves sitting in the middle of the cutting board and whatever is on it and stealing my pins.
Brilliant idea!  I'll clear off the toy table and put the cutting board on it.
Turning up the thermostat and grabbing a sweater.
Will blog the usual Tutu Tuesday later.
Oh, and my left knee has been hurting since yesterday.  Tylenol is not helping.


stinky clothes....pour 1 cup vinegar into wash and wash again will kill the mildew smell

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