Truth is Thursday

Truth is. . .I just locked myself in my bedroom because the kids are better off that way.
Truth is. . .last night Mr. Man decided we should all go swimming.  At 8pm.  Not wanting to discourage his new found desire to do family activities, we went.  
Truth is. . .The kids went to bed at 10pm.
Truth is. . .Drama Queen is beyond irrational today.  I'd like to commit her.  Or myself.
Truth is. . .I'm really bad at hardening off my seedlings.
Truth is. . .I have a lot of seedlings that need hardening off.
Truth is. . .a pea plant FINALLY came up!  Hurray!
Truth is. . . I'm struggling with Easter festivity plans.  I love Easter.  But I never understood where the easter bunny and eggs came from.  So I looked it up.  And you can stretch them to be relivant in regard to new life and the Savior's resurection, but really, they're a purely pagan tradition, which I have no problem with, but I'd rather have a Spring celebration with bunny and eggs than combine it with Jesus Christ's resurrection.  So how to celebrate the Savior's gift to us, without a bunny and eggs?
Truth is. . .I did get things for their Easter baskets.  I'm really excited about it too.  But when should we have our Equinox celebration.  More research is needed.
Truth is. .  .Drama Queen is in tears for about the 20th time today.  And each time it is over little things and no matter how we respond, the tears continue.  I tried to get her to fall asleep on the couch, but it didn't work.
Truth is. . .I was coming here to update that I just learned the spring equinox had passed, to discover that my dear friend had commented the same!  Well, I guess we'll have a late equinox celebration when the gifts arrive.


Laurel said…
Well, I don't know if it would be far enough away for you, but we always have our egg hunt the day before (Saturday). We reserve Sunday for the atonement and resurrection.

The actual vernal equinox has already passed, it was March 20th.
Julianna said…
Truth is... I had to wear my granny underpants today because I STILL haven't done laundry.

Does that make you feel better?

We all have those days... :)

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