Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .we were all in bed until 9am.  Not sleeping though, we were all in my bed having a tickle fest.  Some mornings just work out that way.

Truth is. . .I actually sat down and folded/hung/put away laundry this morning.  No more clean clothes towering over the couch!  With exception that I'm still washing as no laundry got done last week.

Truth is. . .I think Mr. Man and I are both is sort of an afraid to start anything funk.  Even though we know the ceilings and roof are now taken care of, there's still this feeling hanging around that we need to be ready to head off in a moment.

Truth is. . .I'm a slacker when it comes to sewing for other people.  Two more projects to finish and then I'm taking the summer off of requests!!

Truth is. . .I'm lacking sewing motivation the last two weeks.  with exception that I want to make pillows.

Truth is. . .If I didn't have this sewing to do I'd be enjoying the peeling of wallpaper.  And yes, I do mean enjoying.  Peeling things is fun.  Didn't you cover your desk with elmer's glue at the end of the day in elementary school so when you came back in the morning you could enjoy peeling the dried glue off?

Truth is. . .I have a huge project list.  None of which I can do until I get these other things done.  Which is why I don't want to do the other things, hahaha.  Which makes for an endless cycle of non-productivity.

Truth is. . .I should be sewing right now, but obviously I'm not.

Truth is. . .I have 7 hot pepper plants started because I used a pack of seeds that was mixed hot peppers and in hopes of getting a variety I planted 8 pellets of hot pepper plants.

Truth is. . .I'm the only one in the family who likes hot food.  I figure I'll make lots of hot pepper jelly.

Truth is. . .when transfering my seedlings to larger pots, I was also cutting them down to one seedling per pot (I always plant three seeds for better odds of at least one sprouting).  Mischief loved eating the onion sprouts I trimmed.  She tried up rooting some of the sprouts to keep because she wanted more.  Not something Drama Queen would ever do.  She hates onions and those red onion tops were quite potent!

Truth is. . . my knee finally seems to have recovered from whatever I did to hurt it.  Though it and my back hurting yesterday made cutting pattern pieces VERY difficult.  As in getting 3 pieces placed and cut took over an hour.  It was very very frustrating.

Truth is. . .we now have the CUTEST spring placemats.  I so recommend finding a blog doing a swap.  I've though about doing one but didn't until this month when I found an Easter swap one.  Though I was late getting my package out to the recipient.  Still super fun!  And I don't have to buy or make Easter candy for the girls now.  Thanks Victoria!!

Truth is. . .making marshmallows is still on my list.  I just don't have to try and do it by Sunday now, which is good because I have sewing that needs to get done!  I don't like store marshmallows unless they are campfire burnt.  I'm hoping homemade ones will be marvelously delicious.

Truth is. . .okay I've dawdled enough, back to work. . . .*sigh*


Kimberly said…
Truth is.. I am behind on my gardening. I need to get some things planted.

truth is.. I was not referring to people like you in my 'blogs I deleted'.. It's more like the blogs you are supposed to follow in order to join a hop- but I never read them because they are all just hops and give aways.. or the people I comment on most of their blog entries and they have never once commented back. (that is just rude- like walking off when someone is talking to you)

I'm glad you read and enjoy~

I just finished a sewing project. I need to get my machine fixed before I sew more. It needs it's annual physical- which happens more like bi-annually.
Kimberly said…
and making marshmallows in still on my list. I tried it once a few years back and they were 'sloppy'. I need to find a new recipe
sleepless said…
It DOES take extreme self discipline to make yourself sew projects that are not your idea. It CAN be done ..even with 5 little children....good luck with that.
Julianna said…
I also have no sewing motivation.

Not good when I think of all the project I have going. :(
Freth Stifter said…
Our sewing machine has broken parts (not available - an old Husky) and hasn't been used to sew anything in 15 years. But we still have it ...
I never poured glue all over my desk, so I could peel it off in the morning when I was in school, but I painted my hand with glue all the time. It's cool to see the fingerprints or palm print in the dried glue when you peel it off. It's also fun to slide a needle or a pin in under the glue, and let it hang like that for a 'magic' trick. ;o)

By the way...I love the picture of Butterfly!! :)

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