We'll eventually get back to our regularly scheduled program.  Maybe next week.  Or the week after that.  Life is very busy around here with many many things to do and to get done.

Mischief is in the start of phasing out naptime.  It started with her not being tired enough to nap until 2 or 3 in the afternoon which then left her (and thus me) up until 10pm.  So we're on day two of no napping which Drama Queen likes because she gets to stay up an hour later to be sure Mischief is asleep by the time DQ is in bed.  Of course DQ is then sent to bed with threats for if she wakes Ava.  Threats of losing toys or priviledges or whatever money she has earned that day (this child works for quarters!)
I don't think Mischief has been feeling very well either.  She hasn't been eating very much the last few days.  We've been making sure to be in stock of bananas because she is guaranteed to eat them.  And strawberries.  And grapes.  Not high in calories, but they're good for her and hey, they're food.  She's even been rejecting candy.  Oh and she'll inhale hot dogs.  The child is pretty much a vegetarian with the exception of hot dogs, bacon and sometimes eggs.  Any other meat she'll just chew it and spit it out.

Drama Queen is. . .interesting.  I was thinking about how nice it'd be to send her home with California family this summer. . .then realized just how boring life around here would be without her!  To that Mr. Man said "Boring is okay." And then was quick to say "We love you!" to her (we were in the car while having this discussion).
True to form DQ is obsessed with the latest holiday.  Still wanting to do all these Easter things.  She's finished off all her candy.  Hid in her room with it and yep, that was breakfast.

I discovered today (thanks to Small Things) that you can use egg coloring tablets to dye yarn!  So I picked up three boxes of dye today at half price.  Each has 9 color tablets.  One of my many future projects of course.  Need to get or make a drop spindle as well. . .

Today Mr. Man asked what we were going to do for Mischief's birthday, as it is now in less than a month.  Yes, she's almost 2!  I told him I don't know.  I hadn't thought about it.  I'm very okay with doing the same thing as we did last year which was me taking the girls for a photo shoot and then splurging on cupcakes from a cupcake cafe.

Mr. Man just got registered for fall semester.

I finished off the roll of 35mm film this afternoon (once it had stopped with the brief snow flurries).  We'll see if and how the pictures turned out next week.  I need to walk up to walgreens and drop off my film.


Laurel said…
I have a drop spindle. I went to a presentation once at a llama farm and they showed us how to spin llama wool on a drop spindle. I bought some wool and a spindle. But, hers were just made of wooden dowels and blank CDs. I never did make any yarn.

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