Well I did spend the day making, but since I didn't get as far on the sewing as I had intended, I refuse to take pictures.  I will finish it tomorrow though!  That is the plan!

I love that Amazon has super saver shipping. . .except that I want my books NOW.  I'm having trouble being patient.

We stopped at Target today for part of family home evening, because Mischief is definately done with her 12 month pajamas.  The squish her feet and don't allow for much movement from heel to shoulder.  Of course we discovered that they only have summer pajamas now. . .So she's wearing a long sleeve shirt under the short sleeve top.  At least it came with pants.  And hurray for clearance.  Though I told Mr. Man we'd better get out of the clothes department after I grabbed them otherwise I knew I'd keep finding super cute things (and yes I was).  Of course as we were walking out of it I pointed out that this summer when she does need size 18 month summer clothes. . .they'll have winter clothes in stock.  He had to admit I was right.  So she got a short sleeve shirt from clearance as well as a shortsleeve carter's outfit.  I figure I can make her lots of clothes this summer, right? right.

I'm now the proud owner of a Pentax K1000.  I'm having fun figuring it out, though I did limit myself to just 5 pictures tonight because they'll all probably turn out too dark.  Wednesday is supposed to have nice weather so I'm planning a photo test shoot with the girls to try out the camera.
It's a 35mm, so ya'll will have to wait until the film is developed to see any pictures!  To see if I'm successful or not.  I'm just happy to have found a digital copy of the manual so I know what's what. . .and most importantly how to open the back of the camera so I could put film in!


sleepless said…
Is that the camara I sent you ? Is the box already there ?
seth said…
Congrats on the K1000. I imagine Mom found it for a much better price than I paid on eBay many years ago. I think I have a book (or it may just be the manual) and a lens that I might be willing to part with.

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