Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tutu Tuesday - Birdies

The girls (okay Drama Queen) decided that these are not fairy rings, but rather bird wings.  So no dancing going on here, just flying.  Mischief wasn't too interested in her rings though.
She didn't want to put down Morrison.  (Cue Sesame Street's Put Down The Ducky song)
Or so I thought that was the reason she quickly abandoned her blue rings to retrieve Morrison from me.  It turned out that despite my making 4 rings in attempt to avoid fights over someone having them and the other not. . .it's all about the colors. . .Both girls prefer the "sunrise, sunset" pair I made. Guess I'll have to pick up more ribbon packs at Hobby Lobby.
In other news we put the tomato and pepper plants in the ground today.  I'm extremely disappointed with how few survived.  We have 5 tomato plants only and one of them is on death's doorstep.  Thankfully pay day is Friday and I'll be buying some tomato plants.  And eggplant if I can find eggplant seedlings anywhere.  Cause all mine died.  And no squash have sprouted yet.
The backyard is fairing better at least.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Airing the dirty seems to have had motivational power.  I cleaned the front room where the laundry had been piled (also the picture with the television in it).  I need to clean off the entertainment center (still has construction debris).

The girls watched TV this morning while Mr. Man went swimming at the gym and I stayed in bed.  The sound of hail finally got me out of bed.  I like watching hail.  Entertainingly, the girls across the street (one of which is in Mr. Man's primary class) are out on their trampoline in winter coats as it hails and rains.

We're all bored with what we have available for breakfast so I think I will dig through the cupboards and make some creative granola.  I'm pretty sure we at least have oats, raisins and sunflower seeds.  And dates.  I can chop those up for it too I'm sure.

I'm not making a to-do list today.  I have no desire to disappoint myself.

I've made it a month without medication and am doing alright.  It takes more effort some days than others, but I'm happy with how well I'm doing.  Of course I have had to go with a caffiene boost almost everyday this past week.  But what's the difference between taking some mood/chemical altering pill and drinking a drink that does the same?  That's the point I'm at right now.

Okay.  Granola recipe.  And lemon cookies.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Dirty Truth.

Because anytime someone comments about how productive I am I cringe and feel like a big fraud. . . .
Yes, I got caught up on dishes Friday.  Haven't done any since.
Yes, I've made lots of toys and a few little outfits in the last few weeks.  That's to avoid doing what I should actually be doing.
Yes, I washed lots of laundry. but I haven't put any of it away.
This is what my house looks like.  Cause I really am not productive.  And have plenty of excuses.

The boxes need to go to the shed.

 Fabric.  Fabric. And other craft supplies.
 There's no point in picking up the toys.  I did pick them up yesterday.  And this corner stayed clean for about a max of 20 minutes.
 The table is still almost cleaned off.  And I bet if I did dishes the counter back there would be cleared off.
 Ya.  That's all clean:
This is what I did yesterday. . .watched the entire first season of Swamp People.  And worked on the kid's next new toy set:

And that's the dirty truth.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nearly Done

My eldest brother came over today to help Mr. Man paint the trailer.  (it's actually his trailer).  The trim and shutters have to be done by hand, so they take far longer than the main body took.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Going grey

That's right we're going grey.

The whole household.

Well, the whole trailer.

Minus the shutters and trim.  They'll be dark blue and white, respectively.

Mr. Man decided why just prep today?  Why not get it done.  So he scrubbed down the house. . .then taped/plasticed off the windows (if you look in the far left of the below picture you can see him up on the ladder taping off one of our bedroom windows)

I'm sure the trim and shutters won't be done today, but he's aiming to have the main body of the trailer done at least.

So glad we borrowed his dad's paint sprayer!!
I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!! I actually slept laying down last night  AND was able to breathe through my nose!!

In other news, the sugar jar was finally empty and so I ran it through the dishwasher before getting it decorated. . .My sister-in-law has a cricut machine and kindly cut this out for me:
Ignore the messy oven it's sitting on.  Sadly it was the cleanest spot in the kitchen for a picture. . .
I have similar ones for the rice and flour jars as well and will evenutally ask her to cut me a "beans" one and perhaps lentils, as we do have a jar full of lentils over there also.  Jar is from Walmart and vinyl from Roberts Craft.

In other news I found this fabulous blog today, via Beneath the Rowan Tree.   Serving Pink Lemonade has super cute crafty ideas with tutorials and templates.  I intend to make the quiet books asap!!

Today is to be spent cleaning and sorting and organizing.  After I take some tylenol for the pain in my neck.  Cause I went to Target last night and got some adult tylenol. And dishwasher detergant as it took 3 loads and the remainder of our detergant to get all the dishes washed yesterday.

Mr. Man has ridden his bike everyday this week.  He's really enjoying the warmer weather (and having someone to ride with!)

Mischief is starting to feel better too as evidenced by her actually sleeping in HER bed all night long last night. Wonderful! When I got up this morning I peeked into the girls room and discovered her sitting on her bed playing with a "necky" (necklace), and grabbed her before she could wake up Drama Queen.  Though DQ only slept about another 15 minutes.

Today Mr. Man will be prepping our trailer to paint, as well as organizing the shed and FINALLY getting the boxes in the house out into the shed. . . .took about 3 months of pestering but it will finally get done. . .

Today I will be doing laundry and getting my craft stuff out of the middle of the living room where it's been living as I've worked on things for other people's children.  Yes, I did realize in the process that my own children have few "boutique" outfits.  haha.  Oh well.  At least Namma provided Drama Queen with two fabulously "boutique" dresses.

I admit that I'm still trying to wake up and am trying to resist going back to bed right now.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dandelion Wishes

Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. .  .my head hurts. . .but not enough for me to be willing to take children's tylenol again.  That was disgusting.

Truth is. . . I'm still congested.  Noat as bad as I was a few days ago, but enough to be grumpy.

Truth is. . .I was trying to take a nap when Mr. Man came home from the gym, showered and climbed into the bed.  I didn't get to sleep.

Truth is. . .I'm tired.

Truth is. . .I'm hungry, but haven't done dishes in 3 days and don't know if I'm hungry enough to do dishes so I'll have something to eat off of/with.

Truth is. . .since Sunday I've gone through one and a half big boxes of tissue.

Truth is. . . .Drama Queen had a very hard time dealing with Mischief's birthday.  She wanted to be running the show, and I was running it at Mischief's pace instead.  That makes for a very cranky and disobedient almost five year old.

Truth is. . .I'm very proud of myself for realizing how I could update some of my older blogs from THIS account.  Yippee!

Truth is. . .I think I'm hungry enough to go do some dishes. . . .and so we had some ramen noodles cause Drama Queen was hungry too.

Truth is. . .Mischief's names for shows are hilarious.  Little People is "E-I-E-I-O", anything princes or with song and dance is "Lella",  Little Einstiens is simply "show", baby einstien and signing time are "baby", signing time is also known to her as "hands".

Truth is. . .my house is a mess.  Still. Some more.  It gets a little better then it gets worse again.  And my being sick for the last week has not helped at all.

Two best pictures

of yesterday's birthday girl from the bbq we went to for dinner

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

32 weeks

Hahaha, Julianna asked how far along I am and I had no clue.  Had to go look it up.   Hazel is now 32 weeks along!  56 day left.  Scary!  I'm hoping our birth certificates will arrive today so we can get set up on Medicaid!

Mischief turns 2

Breakfast for birthday mouse
 Oh such a healthy breakfast for the birthday girl!
Her custom made birthday cake was watermelon and strawberries.
 The morning was spent playing outside

Present opening was spread out through the day, and when we figure out why the computer is running so slow, I'll upload present pictures.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tutu Tuesday

It's starting to look like the birthday photoshoot will be moved to Drama Queen's birthday this year.  Or some time in the month between the girls birthday's.  More overcast and rain here.

I've been putting the girls to bed at the same time lately, and just letting them play.  Mr. Man asks nightly "Why is it they play so well together at bedtime, but fight all day?"  I just tell him I don't know, but that's really the way it is.  I remember bedtime when I was growing up, it was the most fun I'd have all day with my big sister.  So yes, the girls aren't going to sleep until about 9:30pm (or last night it was 10pm, Mr. Man pulled Mischief out of the room because he was getting ready to walk the dog and I was already in bed).

Somehow Drama Queen has avoided getting whatever the rest of us are sick with. *knock on wood* She hasn't had the slightest runny or stuffy nose while the rest of us are excreting green goo and struggling to breathe every night.

Butterfly is quite the active little one.  She's starting to get cramped though, but refuses to accept the limitations that produces and still thinks she can turn somersaults.  *ouch* for mommy.

Tomorrow is Mischief's birthday.  Today I'll be going to get some strawberries for the even.  And I'll make brownies because we all love brownies far more than cake.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Went to the post office to mail packages.
Went to walmart to get embroidery floss and liquid starch.  Out of liquid starch.  Don't carry embroidery floss anymore.
Went to Savers in hope of them having embroidery floss and some rainboots Mischief's size (as it appears we'll need to do a rain based birthday photo shoot).  Had both.  Not willing to pay $13 for rainboots or $3 for five small cards of floss.
Came home.
Discovered Mischief wandering the house with no shirt and pants half off, a bloody patch (where her rash is) peeking out of her diaper.
Apparently before going to lay down for a nap, Daddy removed her white shirt so it wouldn't get blood on it, but didn't think to change her diaper and point ointment on the spot and redress her in something that would keep her from being able to scratch.
Drama Queen was playing games on mommy's laptop.
Mischief was watching Sid the Science Kid on TV.


OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  We're no longer TV free.  Daddy went to radio shack and got the needed cable and remote to hook up our digital converter box.  I guess it's cheaper than getting cable which I'm pretty sure he'd been hinting at getting.

Yesterday after Mr. Man was complaining about living in this state, I finally straight out said I have no problem living in Utah.  As no matter where we live, there will be some season of the year that we don't like.  Majority of our immediate family is in Utah, and I'd like to stay by family.

Mischief is not dealing well with this TV thing.  The child has never seen commercials before.  She's having a break down right now because her show disappeared.  Sadly repeating and crying "show, show show".  That's right this child has never had television.

Lovely picture.  My half nake, saggy pants child walking into the room moaning show, then discovering her abandoned lollipop.  Now standing there droopy pants, no shirt, messy curly hair, gleefully licking said lolly.  I'd better go get a clean diaper and one-piece outfit on her. . .

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Moments and Memories

I was sitting in the bathroom at dusk when the wind came gusting in through the window.  With it was the sound of the cars on the state highway and the unusual sound of a train horn.  Shutting my eyes I was transported back to the kitchen of my childhood home.  Standing barefoot on brown linoleum in front of the kitchen sink.  Hands cleaning dirty dishes in hot soapy water.  The wind blowing in through the open window above the sink.  The sky outside gradually darkening, the sound of the freeway also drifting in and the evening delight of hearing the horn of a train passing through.
Delight because the sound of trains always make me smile and say a hello to my grandpa who died when I was 6 (thanks for the correction bro.)

I love evenings like this.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Mischief's 2nd birthday is next week.  I've been trying to decide what to give her.  My mom thankfully sent some train track pieces so I know Mischief will LOVE that.  Last night I started a doll quilt for DQ's birthday next month, but then was wondering if I should give it to Mischief instead.  I decided that no, I'd make her something else.  So I gathered up things I have and just finished making a knock off of this darling daffodil child.

Of course mine isn't quite so cute, but still I'm happy with it.  I'm going to copy the other cute flower children that Stitchandpurl have.  I have 5 more large wooden doll forms, so I'm going to make this strawberry child  and will copy some of forestmother's creations.
I decided instead of just doing a strawberry child I'm going to do a strawberry family.  I just copied this Strawberry Blossom Gnome

to be the mom and will paint three kids next.  This one actually turned out very very nicely.  Hopefully I'll be able to charge my camera battery soon so I can get pictures of them up!

Learning and growing

A blog I rather enjoy, and aspire to be like it's author, is Desert Green Goddess.  Go read her current post Moral-Superiority Is Not A Joke, it's quite entertaining, and has me looking more documentaries to watch.

All those terms related to "new age" ideas. . .aren't really so new age, and are rather smart.  Like eating organic. Living organic for that matter.  And the other I want to ramble about today is Locavore.

Growing up, I hadn't heard of these terms.  I suppose Locavore wasn't even around then, but I could be wrong. Growing up we didn't have much money, and during a short time I recall with envy (though embarrassment then) that we used to get a good portion of food from behind grocery stores.  Very unconventional, very, don't let anyone I go to school with see me!  It bothered me then, but now, I know expiration dates are more like suggestions, I'm not going to ramble about that, you can go read my cousin's post on expiration dates. . .  While I've pondered trying to find a grocery store that unjudiciously dumps anything "expired", I instead just shop the clearance section of the grocery store I can walk to (though don't, albiet I should).

Anyway, I'm off topic.  I blame it on the lack of sleep since Mischief got up at 1am and didn't go back to sleep until 3am and then I was shocked awake at 6:45am by DQ's face in my face as I opened my eyes before rolling over. . . .she had sort of given me warning I guess, very loud whispers of "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom".  Scared the bejebers out of me.  I  may fall asleep typing as currently my eyes are refusing to stay open.  Thank you mom for insisting I take typing my freshman year of High School!

So.  Organic.
I'm very against the use of pestisides.  One of the things I ponder daily is weeding the entire trailer park myself.  Why?  because everyone else sprays their weeds.  I consider this laziness.  If you go out right after it rains, it's So So easy to pull all the weeds out of the sidewalk cracks.  It's a requirement of our mobile home park to keep our driveway and sidewalk portion weed free.  Last year I occasionally weeded our elderly neighbor's, and would have done it yesterday also, but from the look of his weeds, someone was there last week spraying them.  Mr. Man doesn't share my understanding of this.  He's a  "lets go buy a bottle of round-up" kind of guy.
Organic food.  I admit it, I don't often buy organic, though I want to.  I'm proud to say during the summer we eat organic produce, at least what of which we've grown, but beyond that I tend to buy whatever is cheapest and therefore usually from South America.  I'm working on changing that.  This summer my goal is to grow as much of our own produce I can, and to make preserves to last us through the winter.  I also hope to get a CSA share this winter, but we'll see how that turns out as I'll need to save about $50 a month through the next few months and put it aside to have for joining.  I think Jacob's Cove is currently the only local CSA that does winter shares, they have a big green house.  And they're about double. . .or more. . .the cost of a share at Roberts Farm.  I plan to suppliment our own grown food with the farmer's market this summer.  I didn't grow everything this year that I want.  I convinced myself I needed to build up to it rather than take it on all at once.  Especially with a baby coming right before the first things are harvestable.

Locavore.  I really want to be a locavore.  I know I never fully will be because I love mangoes.  Drama Queen loves mangoes.  Mischief loves mangoes.  Mangoes do NOT grow in Utah.  I'm not even sure if I've ever found them with US grown labels. . .  But I plan to change what I can.  Like I will be buying eggs from provo today or tomorrow.  I have to call the guy and see if he has a dozen to pick up today.  I plan to transition us to milk from Huckleberry Dairy.  It feels less big business than Redmond Farms.  Both cost alot for a gallon of raw milk (oh yes, I certainly did say raw), but I want to keep us on raw for a month or two to see if it really does have an effect on the girls. . .and myself.  If it doesn't seem to, then we'll go with Winder for milk delivery. . .in glass jars!

Anyway, I've now run out of steam.  And may take a nap, or not.  Depends on how much mischief I want the girls getting in to I guess. . .

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, the sun shone briefly and I took Mischief outside with me to see how the garden was doing.  The peas have grown quite a bit and we have some carrot, beet, and lettuce sprouts.  More pepper/tomato starts have died off though.

After that we went down to the sidewalk and she helped me weed along the sidewalk and carport.  It was such a delightful time.  She had had a long nap and was quite her normal self again.  She was so very talkative, telling me of all she could see.  Lots of "Bird!!  Mom, a bird! HELLO BIRD!"  "flower! Look, flower!"  and of course "Bug, look, bug.  Oooooooooo. Bug.  BUG."  She also informed me that she was walking, and when she was weeding.  It made me realize that I guess a play by play of activity I'm a part of doesn't always come off as annoying.  Of course she's just finally beginning to talk this much, so I'm sure that is why.  She'd grab a fist full of weeds and rip it out announcing "Weed!"  Then come to me and say "I weeding!" showing me what she's pulled. Such a darling child.  She finds joy in so many simple things.  Infact it was THIS etsy listing that reminded me to write this down.

Truth is Thursday

Truth is. . . Mischief is a raunch today.

Truth is. . .I am a raunch today.

Truth is. . . .we're both sick.  At least she is lucky enough to be able to take medicine for it.

Truth is. . . .we all slept straight on our mattresses last night.  No sheets or mattress pads.

Truth is. . .that's one of the things in life that makes me cringe.  I NEED those things on my bed.

Truth is. . .while I stripped the beds of their dirty linens yesterday, I washed clothes instead of said bed clothes.  Hence our naked beds.

Truth is. . .I'm hiding in the bathroom typing this on the laptop.

Truth is. .. I did no sewing yesterday,  but I did get all the pieces for Berkley's headband made.

Truth is. . .Mischief is now crying for the like 10th time this morning.  Waiting for the antihistamine I gave her to kick in and make her go to sleep (as well as all the stuff it's intended to do.)

Truth is. . . the bathroom is a very cold place.  Mr. Man took the storm window off and it's not a window that closes.

Truth is. . .I think I'm going to have Mr. Man call my visiting teaching companion to let her know I can't do tonight's appointment.  I just feel like crap.

Truth is. . .I really want sushi.  I'm pondering going to the store to buy an avocado so I can make some california rolls at home.  I have all the needed supplies. ..

Truth is. . .I just came out of the bathroom to find Mischief sitting on the floor infront of Drama Queen who had tweezers in her hand and was telling Mischief "I'm just going to try them out on your hair". Then she spotted me and quickly says, "I found these, I was going to put them in your bathroom."  Uh huh.  Right after you make your sister balder than you already have. . .

Truth is. . .DQ was in the empty laundry basket this morning (a favorite play spot for both girls) barking and howling and announcing every 5 seconds that she was being a dog.  Finally after more than my poor heavy stuffy head could take, I said "DQ, please stop."  "but I'm being a dog!"  I asked her "does Dempsea bark and howl?"  "NooooooooooooooO."  (her words tend to be emphasized with a high note at the end) "That's right because if he did, he'd be gone we wouldn't have a dog."  The child actually caught on real quick for once.

Truth is. . .my throat is sore and dry and thick.  I have a cough that hurts and my head is heavy and stuffy.  I'm snotty, but instead of coming out the front, it's leaking down the back thus resulting in the throat and head issues.  Infrequent sneezes as well, for which I'm grateful since they hurt even more than coughing.  I'm still certain this all started because of allergies. . .

Truth is. . .events such as Mischief bursting into tears and freaking out followed by Drama Queen innocently popping up to say things like, "Of course Mischief didn't have this.  I just found it."  happen frequently in our house.  Usually after Drama Queen discovers Mischief with something she wants.  Though on rare occasion Mischief does throw a tantrum if DQ has something she decides she wants.

Truth is. . .I really don't understand why the girls need the SAME dollhouse baby when we have four to choose from. . .

Truth is. . .I took a nap and feel quite better now! Not fabulous, but better.

Truth is. . .all 3 computers have different shows going on them for different people as well as the tv with a show for Mischief.  It's one of those evenings I guess!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Make-it Monday

Super Sewing day!

{insert picture here of mounds of colorful fabric scattered across the floor surrounding a large cardboard cutting board, fabric on the board with pattern pieces laid out, pinned on, and sewing scissors laying atop}

There have been many posts on facebook and ebay lately of DARLING clothes.  It has something to do with summer coming, I think.  Anyway it's made me very envious and jealous and irritated with the prices of some things!  So, much to Mr. Man's chagrin, I dragged out two boxes of my favorite fabrics and by boxes I mean 18 gallon tubs, along with a pile of super cute summer patterns and have been getting to work mixing and matching and tracing and pinning and cutting.

My kind neighbor friend just came by with her kids to take Drama Queen down to the park with them.  Mr. Man is off on a bike ride with his buddy Josh (a friendship I'm very supportive of!  Love that family! Makes me grateful not to have boys. . .hahaha.)

Anyway, I keep getting distracted by the computer, namely ebay and facebook of which I've been printing pictures of cute things I'm going to copy, or saving pictures of cute things I'm going to copy.  Don't bother telling me that it's a copyright violation to do that. . . .
Some cute things I'm going to copy this week (or next week since part of this week will be taken up with painting the trailer, we're going to go buy the paint today).

Most of the pictures came from Chasing Fireflies, a catalog I get purely to take ideas from.  I'm horrible like that.

In other news, Mischief's vocabularly has majorly expanded in the last two weeks.  The only time she mumbles or talks with her mouth closed is when she is tired.  She's getting good at using please but still needs to be reminded when it comes to thank you.  Most common to hear from her are "More please", "help please", and "lap".  She still loves sitting on my lap.  Today she rediscovered the puzzles and has spent most of the morning doing them.  Her top three favorite toys are balls, trains, and puzzles.  Mr. Man calls her our tomboy and we're sure she'll be climbing trees ASAP.  I can hardly believe she will be 2 in less than two weeks!  I'm trying to figure out what this year's photoshoot will be.  I'm thinking a tea party.  There's this area in our local Walmart parking lot (random, I know) that I eye every spring thinking how cute it'd be to bring the kid picnic table there and dress up for a tea party.  I think we'll do just that for this year's photo shoot.  I wish I could link to the post on last year's birthday photoshoot. . .maybe I'll un-private the old blog for a week or so and do just that.  Yes, that's what I'll do.  The girls birthday's are just a month apart so we did a photoshoot on Mischief's first birthday, I have a collage for each girl that hangs on our picture wall (or would if our picture wall were useable at this time) with pictures from that shoot.  Hopefully this year's will be just as successful.  Link: