Airing the dirty seems to have had motivational power.  I cleaned the front room where the laundry had been piled (also the picture with the television in it).  I need to clean off the entertainment center (still has construction debris).

The girls watched TV this morning while Mr. Man went swimming at the gym and I stayed in bed.  The sound of hail finally got me out of bed.  I like watching hail.  Entertainingly, the girls across the street (one of which is in Mr. Man's primary class) are out on their trampoline in winter coats as it hails and rains.

We're all bored with what we have available for breakfast so I think I will dig through the cupboards and make some creative granola.  I'm pretty sure we at least have oats, raisins and sunflower seeds.  And dates.  I can chop those up for it too I'm sure.

I'm not making a to-do list today.  I have no desire to disappoint myself.

I've made it a month without medication and am doing alright.  It takes more effort some days than others, but I'm happy with how well I'm doing.  Of course I have had to go with a caffiene boost almost everyday this past week.  But what's the difference between taking some mood/chemical altering pill and drinking a drink that does the same?  That's the point I'm at right now.

Okay.  Granola recipe.  And lemon cookies.


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