Allergy season

Mischief has been having some breathing trouble last week.  It wasn't really notice able until about 3 days ago when she came to join me in bed and I could not sleep due to how loud and labored her breathing was.  So we got up and stayed up until she just couldn't any more and was willing to go to bed without me.  I was afraid it was pneumonia or something, but after recieving lots of lovely advice from facebook friends, it was determined that it sounded like allergy related problems.  My sister-in-law loaned us her nebulizer and saline type solution stuff for it, and so last night we tried it out.  I tried to prep Mischief by watching youtube videos of other kids using them.  But alas, she was not impressed when time came to do it herself.
I had to wrap her in a blanket to pin her arms down, and she cried and screamed and fought it the first 5 minutes of the treatment (which was half the time).  I put her favorite show on for her even.  Kipper.  I felt bad, but it was obviously helping.  She went to bed immediately after.
Exactly 4 hours later she was at my bedside, and I asked her if she wanted to do her fishy mask and she said yes.  She complained when I picked it up, but let me put it on her and had no problem with it for the entire treatment.
Again we watched Kipper.  Tonight before putting her to bed, we did the treatment again, and she briefly, and playfully said no no no and would run to the other room while I was getting it ready.  But once it was ready she happily sat on my lap, and had no problem at all with me putting it on her and sitting with it watching Kipper.  It even went longer than normal, I think I must not have dried it thoroughly enough before putting in the solution.


Julianna said…
Those masks are horrible. But so much better than not breathing.

Jennifer said…
I am glad that you were able to find a solution and that someone had the equipment to do it. I hope she feels better soon. :)

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