Aunt Tawnya's Wedding

Today Mr. Man's sister got married.  Now their parents have no more weddings to plan!  It was a fabulous day, I took pictures with my digital camera until the battery died (the charger got left up at Grandma Jo's.  Oops), and took two rolls of 35mm pictures which I'll drop off at Walgreens tonight before I lose them like I lost the first roll I shot.  

Anyway, the day began in South Jordan (or was it West Jordan?  Utah does occasionally lack in creativity when it comes to city names) where we took a huge family picture, Mr. Man is one of nine children - eight living - as we were all together and looking lovely.
Here is Mischief wandering through the field we took pictures in.  It has grass that was up to her knees.
 Drama Queen and a cousin running back over to the church building where we had the wedding brunch.
 It was a very spiffy ward building, this is the ceiling and light in the foyer.
 Mr. Man entertaining Mischief during the brunch going ons.
 Mischief wandering the pretty building.  This is the other foyer, looks just the same as the one on the other side, just different pictures.
 And the lovely enclave with silk floral arrangement.
 Then we headed outside where Mischief was oh so entranced by bugs and the "cotton" flying from the trees.
 Of course her baby had to come with her.
 This ward building is much to small to be the stake center, and yet it had this massive field attached to it, complete with fire pit and benches:
 A lovely little hill.

 (Mischief went through the diaper bag, pulled all the film from the box, put it back in the diaper bag, then handed me the box declaring "all gone")
 It also had a small playground with tire:
 Tunnel, covered pavilion, and a swing set stand which Mischief informed me was "broken" as there were no swings on it.

 She was okay with that because it was bedded with gravel.  She was in rock heaven.

 If you're curious as to the lack of Drama Queen pictures in the last post and this one, it's because she has far better things to do than stay in one general location for mommy!

 The tire unfortunately left black on little hands if you were grabbing the inside. . .
 Great climbing trees.
 This was HILARIOUS.  Mischief was holding onto the fence and inching her way along the concrete, then stopped at this spot and stood there for five minutes, holding onto the fence for dear life, declaring "HELP!" every so often.  Eventually daddy came over and asked why should couldn't move and she pointed to something on the ground.  There was a dandelion in the general area to which she pointed, so he picked it, gave it to her, and asked if she was free now, to which she let go of the fence and toddled off.
 Then we headed over to the Jordan River temple, which has an AMAZING gardener.

 Mischief recieved many reminders that these flowers were not for her to pick.

 But smelling was okay.

 She loved the fountain in front of the temple, and really wanted to play in it.
 As did all the kids.
 I couldn't get back quite far enough to get the entire temple in.
 OH, the sandals she was wearing were squeaky sandals and everyone thought they were so clever and cute. She thought they were hilarious too.  She can even put them on and take them off herself.

 We walked around the temple, and she decided she was done walking at this point.  She had a better idea. . .

 And almost around to the otherside, she decided it was time to rest.  She sat down in the middle of the sidewalk, patted next to her and told me "sit".  and kept patting.  Much to her shagrin, I went and sat on a nearby bench, as it was much easier for me to get up from.
 When she finally decided to keep going, she left her shoes behind, right where she was sitting, and refused to go back for them, so I had to.  She was done with wearing shoes for the rest of the day.
 The bride and groom with all their nieces and nephews!
 Then it was on to the reception!  I've been to many unique receptions in my few years.  But sorry sister, yours will have to move over, because Tawnya's reception was SO cute and fun and I'm jealous I didn't do some of these things!

 This table runner was one of her bridal shower gifts.  Mr. Man's eldest sister made it.  It's GORGEOUS.
 And this table cloth was hand crossstitched by my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws, per Tawnya's request.

 Yummy cake.  The frosting and filling were FABULOUS.  Oh so delicious.
 Bubbles for the kids to blow, there was sidewalk chalk too.

 And the last picture I was able to take before the camera battery died:
This is a teapot created by one of Jami's brothers.  One of many fantastic pieces sitting there on the hearth in their house.  Pictures of the others will be developed this week.

And that was our day.  It rained briefly before the reception, but cleared up in time to dry everything off and stayed nice for the first two hours, then it got very very windy and we decided to pack stuff up.
My arms and the top of one foot are sunburnt, ya, I really didn't think ahead in that regard.  I also didn't have a sweater, nor did the girls, for when it got super windy.


Jennifer said…
Abby those flowers are beautiful! I am in awe of your awesome photo taking skills
sleepless said…
The umbrellas are are the hanging photos...REALLY COOL reception !! LOVED all the photos..loved "bug"...His brothers ceramic if fantastic...amazing stuff here !!!!

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