Mischief's 2nd birthday is next week.  I've been trying to decide what to give her.  My mom thankfully sent some train track pieces so I know Mischief will LOVE that.  Last night I started a doll quilt for DQ's birthday next month, but then was wondering if I should give it to Mischief instead.  I decided that no, I'd make her something else.  So I gathered up things I have and just finished making a knock off of this darling daffodil child.

Of course mine isn't quite so cute, but still I'm happy with it.  I'm going to copy the other cute flower children that Stitchandpurl have.  I have 5 more large wooden doll forms, so I'm going to make this strawberry child  and will copy some of forestmother's creations.
I decided instead of just doing a strawberry child I'm going to do a strawberry family.  I just copied this Strawberry Blossom Gnome

to be the mom and will paint three kids next.  This one actually turned out very very nicely.  Hopefully I'll be able to charge my camera battery soon so I can get pictures of them up!


sleepless said…
How cute and fun !!

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