Can't help but laugh

One day. . . Mr. Man was admiring this plastic dragon toy that lights up and makes noise.  He expected me to think it was just as cool and I pointed out that oh, I'm not a huge fan of toys that do things themselves.  Minutes later I was pondering over these cool wooden play food sets.  Fruits with a cutting board and metal basket and a veggie set of the same. Mr. Man was like the girls already have food and I said yes but if I got these I'd finally get rid of all the plastic ones, as I'm trying to cut down on our plastic toys.
About an hour later at a different store. . .he's showing me the Leapster and telling me how awesome it is (as a co-worker has gone on about).  Do you know what a Leapster is?  It's basically a beginning hand held video game console.  He's showing me this one game that he thinks is awesome and how with it you can draw and write letters, and other basic things like that and he's so enthusiastic that I can't bring myself to point out how Drama Queen already does that. . .with paper and a pen/pencil/crayons/markers.  Another one encourages reading and creative thinking and vocabulary skills. . . .um yes, that's what playing and reading books with her is for.  In the end he asked me if it was something I was interested in getting.  And I told him that by no means did we need to own one.  In my opinion, all it does is encourage a reduction of adult interaction in the child's life.  I'm sure it's fun, I agree video games are, but we already have a Leappad, and I hate the thing.  Sure I was excited for it when I got it (cost me a whole 38 cents), but the thing drives me nuts.

A few weeks ago. . . Mr. Man was telling me how the Wii will be dropping price soon and all the cool games the kids would love.  I admit it, if we were to own any game console, it'd be a Wii.  But I'm sorry, I have no desire to buy it either.  Not when I'm slowly cutting down our movie collection.  Not when it's my goal to eventually be a TV free family.

These are the two most recent events that make me laugh at how different Mr. Man and I are.  Here I am trying to get us closer to a self-sustaining/sufficient and natural life, full of home produced food and natural toys, and he's got a room full of plastic toys (don't get me wrong.  I love legos.  I think they are a good imagination encouraging toy, hence why I let him buy them) where he can sit and listen to his ipod while reading manga on his computer.
And yet I think we have a fantastic marriage.  Yes it takes us coming out of our shells to say when we are not happy (i.e. when he was spending more time at the fencing club than at home back in March).  I love him.  He's fabulous.  I'm sure someday (maybe when we're old) we'll be on the same page.  Or maybe not.  We'll survive either way.


Kira =] said…
Well, I think it's good think that you two are on different pages. It makes it interesting and creates conversation, debate, & thought. I agree that all these newfangled toys are to keep children entertained so the adults can do their own things. While I completely understand needing some quiet time to yourself and space, that's what playdates, date night, & naptime are for.

Our oldest has been adamant that she's getting an ipod touch for her birthday. Where as I'm adamant that a 6 year old doesn't need or deserve such an expensive gadget. All it would accomplish it to keep her busy. And why yes, I would love for that to happen-some days are especially trying- I can accomplish the same things with homemade playdoh, paper, Pens & stickers. So, she's getting a bike. That's an appropriate gift for a 6 year old and teaching a necessary life skill.
Laurel said…
I listened to a lecture about effective homeschooling one day and one the things that the woman said was essential for her family is getting rid of the fancy toys. She's pretty extreme, her kids pretty much only play with balls, ropes, cars and dolls. She calls everything else a scripted toy. Dave and I talked about it and we think she makes a lot of sense. We are not ready to take it to the level that she has, but we are definitely paying more attention to the kinds of toys with which our kids play. She says that the question she always asks is: Who is having the experience? Is the child having the experience? Or is the toy having the experience while the child watches?

I laugh at the same thing btwn the way I am raising my family and the way Robby is raising his. While I am getting rid of toys that light up or make noise, he is proudly telling me what level of Sonic his 3 yr old is on!
sleepless said…
We have found that your wants and needs and ideas definately,...days,or weeks ,or years,or all depends..good luck with that.As long as your are living the gospel and following the principals taught at all works out.

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