The Dirty Truth.

Because anytime someone comments about how productive I am I cringe and feel like a big fraud. . . .
Yes, I got caught up on dishes Friday.  Haven't done any since.
Yes, I've made lots of toys and a few little outfits in the last few weeks.  That's to avoid doing what I should actually be doing.
Yes, I washed lots of laundry. but I haven't put any of it away.
This is what my house looks like.  Cause I really am not productive.  And have plenty of excuses.

The boxes need to go to the shed.

 Fabric.  Fabric. And other craft supplies.
 There's no point in picking up the toys.  I did pick them up yesterday.  And this corner stayed clean for about a max of 20 minutes.
 The table is still almost cleaned off.  And I bet if I did dishes the counter back there would be cleared off.
 Ya.  That's all clean:
This is what I did yesterday. . .watched the entire first season of Swamp People.  And worked on the kid's next new toy set:

And that's the dirty truth.


Freth Stifter said…
You've got Pero !! That reminds me, I need to go get another can out of the storage shed. Love it.
Julianna said…
And when people tell me they can't believe I did all that in a weekend, I also feel like a giant fraud. Cause to me it's not alot, it's just what needed to be done.

This weekend, I sat on the couch, watched movies and ate pudding.

Weekend well spent. :)
3rdtimeMom said…
Of course I have Pero, Uncle! I need it to make my "Mormon Mocha". Stick a heaping tablespoon full of pero in the blender with a pack of hot chocolate, about 2 tablespoons of french vanilla (dry) creamer, a cup of water and a handful or two of ice. Almost as good as McD's cafe mocha's.
Myhouse4nine said…
hey Abby I think you are terrrific. Does it make you feel better to expose the dirty truth? I find that having things piled up and the floor clean ocassionally makes me feel better. Why not make it a game and see if the girls can help do a two minute tidy? I have to start my summer chore charts today, I am dreading it!
Abbey you are so cool! Your house reminds me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo much of mine (except I don't even have the excuse of being creative!). I will cherish these reassuring pictures of home bliss reality for ever and ever and ever!
sleepless said…
Darling Fish !!!!!!
Kira =] said…
you aren't a fraud. you are a normal mom. We just want to support you with what you have been able to accomplish. Not to mention, you make such adorable clothes & crafts!

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