Going grey

That's right we're going grey.

The whole household.

Well, the whole trailer.

Minus the shutters and trim.  They'll be dark blue and white, respectively.

Mr. Man decided why just prep today?  Why not get it done.  So he scrubbed down the house. . .then taped/plasticed off the windows (if you look in the far left of the below picture you can see him up on the ladder taping off one of our bedroom windows)

I'm sure the trim and shutters won't be done today, but he's aiming to have the main body of the trailer done at least.

So glad we borrowed his dad's paint sprayer!!


Julianna said…
We did the whole house two years back. Wish I'd had a sprayer, but no. The entire house, 2 coats primer, two coats paint, by brush.

My hands still hurt.

But it looks beautiful (sage green, white trim, black shutters, deep brown window boxes with wrought iron brackets.)

Gray is actually one of my favorites for homes, as it has a lot of versatility. If you want a new look, you just have to pick a different accent color. :)

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