I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!! I actually slept laying down last night  AND was able to breathe through my nose!!

In other news, the sugar jar was finally empty and so I ran it through the dishwasher before getting it decorated. . .My sister-in-law has a cricut machine and kindly cut this out for me:
Ignore the messy oven it's sitting on.  Sadly it was the cleanest spot in the kitchen for a picture. . .
I have similar ones for the rice and flour jars as well and will evenutally ask her to cut me a "beans" one and perhaps lentils, as we do have a jar full of lentils over there also.  Jar is from Walmart and vinyl from Roberts Craft.

In other news I found this fabulous blog today, via Beneath the Rowan Tree.   Serving Pink Lemonade has super cute crafty ideas with tutorials and templates.  I intend to make the quiet books asap!!

Today is to be spent cleaning and sorting and organizing.  After I take some tylenol for the pain in my neck.  Cause I went to Target last night and got some adult tylenol. And dishwasher detergant as it took 3 loads and the remainder of our detergant to get all the dishes washed yesterday.

Mr. Man has ridden his bike everyday this week.  He's really enjoying the warmer weather (and having someone to ride with!)

Mischief is starting to feel better too as evidenced by her actually sleeping in HER bed all night long last night. Wonderful! When I got up this morning I peeked into the girls room and discovered her sitting on her bed playing with a "necky" (necklace), and grabbed her before she could wake up Drama Queen.  Though DQ only slept about another 15 minutes.

Today Mr. Man will be prepping our trailer to paint, as well as organizing the shed and FINALLY getting the boxes in the house out into the shed. . . .took about 3 months of pestering but it will finally get done. . .

Today I will be doing laundry and getting my craft stuff out of the middle of the living room where it's been living as I've worked on things for other people's children.  Yes, I did realize in the process that my own children have few "boutique" outfits.  haha.  Oh well.  At least Namma provided Drama Queen with two fabulously "boutique" dresses.

I admit that I'm still trying to wake up and am trying to resist going back to bed right now.


Anonymous said…
i like the jar...yea cricket :D
sleepless said…
Namma is making Mischief 2 boutique dresses this week...

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