I love facebook.  I've always done better talking in type than vocally, so it should come as no surprise that I'm far more comfortable being sociable on the computer than in person.  Thankfully a number of gals from my church are on facebook as well, so I've been able to get to know them better.  One of them, Sara, is so crafty!  I'd never expect such, as I'm fairly narrow minded when it comes to what I think thin and attractive women are into doing.  I'm working on changing that bias.  Anyway, I admire Sara grately, so does my husband but not for entirely the same reasons, for the projects she shares on facebook!  She's so crafty!  She embellishes t-shirts like nobodies business and makes the cutest little things for her girl (though she lets us know when her little one informs her that she doesn't "wike" it).  The woman makes something pretty much everyday.  I really don't know how people function like that.  I'm good to do something productive once a week!
Today she shared one of the plastic bag holders she made.  It's a simple enough item, and I've though occasionally to make one as the plastic bag holder that Mr. Man bought is constantly full now that he found cute little rolls of doggy doo bags at Ross, much easier for him to carry on walks and such.  Anyway we are overflowing with plastic bags (I now just stuff them under the kitchen sink).  I'm not just going to go recycle them because we do use them for trash and as trash can liners, mainly in the bathrooms.  And this is where I come, once again, to Sara's genius.  She made some for her bathrooms.  How simple an idea is that that I NEVER once thought of.  That's right, you use them in the bathroom, why not store some there so you always have easy access to re-line the can after it's been filled with used pull-ups?

And so I followed the link she used for the tutorial, and discovered that Make-it and Love-it did a STRIPED one.  It is so cute.  And here I am with all this gorgeous material that totally goes with the girl's bathroom.  Yes, it kicked me out of my funk.  The girls bathroom now has it's own bag holder, that is super fun and colorful even though it hides under the sink behind the can itself.

As you can see we have trouble getting a bag into the trash can before it is filled again, usually it gets dumped into a bag then taken outside.  Hopefully that problem will now be solved.


sleepless said…
How cool is that !! Cute how it matches and hids and everything !! We all have pre-conceived ideas about others that are usually NOT ocrrect !! I love when you find out they are just people.
Emily Robertson said…
I agree Sheila! I think I might just have to make one of those are such a smarty pants! I can't wait to see you guys this weekend!!!!!!
Heather said…
love it! It is so cute and useful :)
Julianna said…
love these. It does make it so much easier to store them. ;)
April said…
I love it:) go you Abby and go Sara too!

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