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A blog I rather enjoy, and aspire to be like it's author, is Desert Green Goddess.  Go read her current post Moral-Superiority Is Not A Joke, it's quite entertaining, and has me looking more documentaries to watch.

All those terms related to "new age" ideas. . .aren't really so new age, and are rather smart.  Like eating organic. Living organic for that matter.  And the other I want to ramble about today is Locavore.

Growing up, I hadn't heard of these terms.  I suppose Locavore wasn't even around then, but I could be wrong. Growing up we didn't have much money, and during a short time I recall with envy (though embarrassment then) that we used to get a good portion of food from behind grocery stores.  Very unconventional, very, don't let anyone I go to school with see me!  It bothered me then, but now, I know expiration dates are more like suggestions, I'm not going to ramble about that, you can go read my cousin's post on expiration dates. . .  While I've pondered trying to find a grocery store that unjudiciously dumps anything "expired", I instead just shop the clearance section of the grocery store I can walk to (though don't, albiet I should).

Anyway, I'm off topic.  I blame it on the lack of sleep since Mischief got up at 1am and didn't go back to sleep until 3am and then I was shocked awake at 6:45am by DQ's face in my face as I opened my eyes before rolling over. . . .she had sort of given me warning I guess, very loud whispers of "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom".  Scared the bejebers out of me.  I  may fall asleep typing as currently my eyes are refusing to stay open.  Thank you mom for insisting I take typing my freshman year of High School!

So.  Organic.
I'm very against the use of pestisides.  One of the things I ponder daily is weeding the entire trailer park myself.  Why?  because everyone else sprays their weeds.  I consider this laziness.  If you go out right after it rains, it's So So easy to pull all the weeds out of the sidewalk cracks.  It's a requirement of our mobile home park to keep our driveway and sidewalk portion weed free.  Last year I occasionally weeded our elderly neighbor's, and would have done it yesterday also, but from the look of his weeds, someone was there last week spraying them.  Mr. Man doesn't share my understanding of this.  He's a  "lets go buy a bottle of round-up" kind of guy.
Organic food.  I admit it, I don't often buy organic, though I want to.  I'm proud to say during the summer we eat organic produce, at least what of which we've grown, but beyond that I tend to buy whatever is cheapest and therefore usually from South America.  I'm working on changing that.  This summer my goal is to grow as much of our own produce I can, and to make preserves to last us through the winter.  I also hope to get a CSA share this winter, but we'll see how that turns out as I'll need to save about $50 a month through the next few months and put it aside to have for joining.  I think Jacob's Cove is currently the only local CSA that does winter shares, they have a big green house.  And they're about double. . .or more. . .the cost of a share at Roberts Farm.  I plan to suppliment our own grown food with the farmer's market this summer.  I didn't grow everything this year that I want.  I convinced myself I needed to build up to it rather than take it on all at once.  Especially with a baby coming right before the first things are harvestable.

Locavore.  I really want to be a locavore.  I know I never fully will be because I love mangoes.  Drama Queen loves mangoes.  Mischief loves mangoes.  Mangoes do NOT grow in Utah.  I'm not even sure if I've ever found them with US grown labels. . .  But I plan to change what I can.  Like I will be buying eggs from provo today or tomorrow.  I have to call the guy and see if he has a dozen to pick up today.  I plan to transition us to milk from Huckleberry Dairy.  It feels less big business than Redmond Farms.  Both cost alot for a gallon of raw milk (oh yes, I certainly did say raw), but I want to keep us on raw for a month or two to see if it really does have an effect on the girls. . .and myself.  If it doesn't seem to, then we'll go with Winder for milk delivery. . .in glass jars!

Anyway, I've now run out of steam.  And may take a nap, or not.  Depends on how much mischief I want the girls getting in to I guess. . .


Kira =] said…
I want to try try raw milk so bad. If nothing else for the fun experiment of making butter and other dairy products you can only get from raw milk, BUT in the state of Alabama it is ILLEGAL to sell/buy raw milk. craziness.

So, in the meantime, we drink vanilla unsweetened almond milk. Less sugar than milk from stores and I'm really trying to hard to cut back on sugar for all of us. So this works for now. But I still want to experiment with raw milk. Apparently, I have to own a cow first, but I feel wrong stealing a calf's nutrition. Since a cow has to calve every year to keep producing milk, after breastfeeding, I just feel for the dears.
jacque said…
We read this book last week at book club. One of the girls in our book club is a CSA farmer. and this was her pick a fairly good read. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver
You SOOOOO should have grown up with me Abigail. When I was little I lived in the Zambian capital Lusaka, and RIGHT outside my bedroom was a mango tree. And guess where I went everytime my parents put me down to nap? Up in the mango tree with all the local children. Mango is a FUN fruit and we all had such fun up in that tree for so many years! So I am totally with you on the 'I love Mango' front - you just need to go live in Lusaka to be one of those Locavore people.

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