Make-it Monday: Flower headbands

I've been admiring the headbands on etsy, the tiny ones for newborns.  I like big, but I like little too.  The little tiny flowers on babies wrapped in a snuggly blanket.  Only trouble is they cost between 5 and 15 dollars.  So instead between yesterday and today I spent 8 dollars on cute little flowers and am making lots with headbands I got at the dollar store last year.  So fun!  And cute!
Here are a few  I've done so far:
 With the infant gown it was made to go with:
Mischief modeling it for us:

 For my birthday a friend sent me the Yum-Yum Bento book.  We LOVE it!  Okay so today is the first day we finally stopped admiring and made something, but hey, we've planned all this weeks lunches with it!

The girls bento boxes are either in hiding or need washing (one missing, one dirty), so I just used a regular bowl for Drama Queen's catapillar bento.  Her's was the only one I did fancy today.  I had to modify it to go with what we have/what she'll eat (does not like boiled eggs).  So I made bigger deli meat flowers and stuck them on string cheese. And I don't have good nori decoration tools so my caterpillar is not so cute.  But it was fun to make!
 Today is beautiful.  We played outside for a while.  DQ picked some flowers to give to the neighbor (the neighbor who has even more tulips than we do. . .it's the thought that counts, right?)

 Then took Mischief on a wagon ride.  I'm very proud of my online hunting to find a wagon that met my criteria.  I wanted the all terrain wheels, but with a metal base and higher sides.  Mr. Man liked a big green wagon they have over at Harbor Freight  but it was too much a utility wagon for my liking, plus more than I wanted to spend.  I really liked the Radio Flyer all terrain wagon, but not the price.  Then I found this one.  Perfect!  I really like it.  Mr. Man still thinks the one he liked is better.  Too bad, I'm the one who'll be pulling it anyway!


Laurel said…
I want to make some headbands like that for me!

I used headbands a lot for my big girl when she was a baby, but they won't stay on my baby now. I think that she actually has too much hair and it gets in the way! Bows and elastics stay in much better for her.

I'm glad that you are enjoying the bento book!
Laurel said…
P.S. My favorite is the brown looking on with the pink flower, I seriously want to make one of those for me.
Mandi said…
those are adorable! Nice work! Glad you are having fun making things for your sweet new baby girl! It can be addicting!!
Heather said…
You are so creative! I love the headbands, especially the one that goes wit the dress :) The food, oh my, what food for little girls! I bet they loved that. And I love your flower garden :)
sleepless said…
VERY nice head bands !! Nice job Abby !! cute wagon !! BEAUTIFUL flowers !!! I am glad the weather was nice for you !!! gorgeous girls !!!

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