Make-it Monday

Super Sewing day!

{insert picture here of mounds of colorful fabric scattered across the floor surrounding a large cardboard cutting board, fabric on the board with pattern pieces laid out, pinned on, and sewing scissors laying atop}

There have been many posts on facebook and ebay lately of DARLING clothes.  It has something to do with summer coming, I think.  Anyway it's made me very envious and jealous and irritated with the prices of some things!  So, much to Mr. Man's chagrin, I dragged out two boxes of my favorite fabrics and by boxes I mean 18 gallon tubs, along with a pile of super cute summer patterns and have been getting to work mixing and matching and tracing and pinning and cutting.

My kind neighbor friend just came by with her kids to take Drama Queen down to the park with them.  Mr. Man is off on a bike ride with his buddy Josh (a friendship I'm very supportive of!  Love that family! Makes me grateful not to have boys. . .hahaha.)

Anyway, I keep getting distracted by the computer, namely ebay and facebook of which I've been printing pictures of cute things I'm going to copy, or saving pictures of cute things I'm going to copy.  Don't bother telling me that it's a copyright violation to do that. . . .
Some cute things I'm going to copy this week (or next week since part of this week will be taken up with painting the trailer, we're going to go buy the paint today).

Most of the pictures came from Chasing Fireflies, a catalog I get purely to take ideas from.  I'm horrible like that.

In other news, Mischief's vocabularly has majorly expanded in the last two weeks.  The only time she mumbles or talks with her mouth closed is when she is tired.  She's getting good at using please but still needs to be reminded when it comes to thank you.  Most common to hear from her are "More please", "help please", and "lap".  She still loves sitting on my lap.  Today she rediscovered the puzzles and has spent most of the morning doing them.  Her top three favorite toys are balls, trains, and puzzles.  Mr. Man calls her our tomboy and we're sure she'll be climbing trees ASAP.  I can hardly believe she will be 2 in less than two weeks!  I'm trying to figure out what this year's photoshoot will be.  I'm thinking a tea party.  There's this area in our local Walmart parking lot (random, I know) that I eye every spring thinking how cute it'd be to bring the kid picnic table there and dress up for a tea party.  I think we'll do just that for this year's photo shoot.  I wish I could link to the post on last year's birthday photoshoot. . .maybe I'll un-private the old blog for a week or so and do just that.  Yes, that's what I'll do.  The girls birthday's are just a month apart so we did a photoshoot on Mischief's first birthday, I have a collage for each girl that hangs on our picture wall (or would if our picture wall were useable at this time) with pictures from that shoot.  Hopefully this year's will be just as successful.  Link:


Laurel said…
I'm going to take some of these from you for my idea folder. :)
Julianna said…
You've just reminded me I need to get started on my niece's dress for the wedding. Yikes!
Abigail ... tell me when is convenient to make one more personal order! No rush ... but only you can bring my thoughts to fruition so brilliantly!!!

Also - please send me your adress via email ... am doing to send you some of Abigail's stuff I think you will like, if that's ok with you. I am very possessive about Abigail's old clothes, and only you will do!!!

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