Moments and Memories

I was sitting in the bathroom at dusk when the wind came gusting in through the window.  With it was the sound of the cars on the state highway and the unusual sound of a train horn.  Shutting my eyes I was transported back to the kitchen of my childhood home.  Standing barefoot on brown linoleum in front of the kitchen sink.  Hands cleaning dirty dishes in hot soapy water.  The wind blowing in through the open window above the sink.  The sky outside gradually darkening, the sound of the freeway also drifting in and the evening delight of hearing the horn of a train passing through.
Delight because the sound of trains always make me smile and say a hello to my grandpa who died when I was 6 (thanks for the correction bro.)

I love evenings like this.


Anonymous said…
You were six

totally with you there babes. I love those magic moments in time too.
sleepless said…
Glad you have some fond memories !!!

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