Pregnancy oddities

Anyone who's been pregnant knows what insane dreams you have.  This time around they are extremely varied and odd.  Like random to the point of "Hi, I'm running a brothel" or "We have to go with the vampires to escape the flesh eating virus"  or last night's "the walls of my house are peeling off like wet cardboard, yet somehow I never noticed until someone in the dressing room at Target told me about it. . .on and by the way the house is also over run by mice, rats, spiders and ants.  Yet I never noticed."  Granted I'll take these dreams over the my husband's having an affair, or has a second (third. . .fourth) wife or the random high school crush suddenly appearing and making me wonder what ever happened to them dreams.

Other oddities of this pregnancy. . . muscle twinges.  My side, my neck, my abdomen.  The neck one really hurt today.
Leg cramps and restless legs just BARELY started.  So nice.  And yet, not so cool.  Someone told me that bananas help get rid of leg cramps.  I don't like bananas.  I'll eat them on peanut butter sandwiches or in smootihies, but that's about it.  Until the last week and a half.  In the last like 9 or 10 days, I've eaten six or seven bananas.  Just ate them.  Straight from the peel.  I haven't overly enjoyed them, but I also didn't cringe just peeling it.  Which is what I usually do.

Mr. Man is another oddity.  He's very considerate of me lately.  I'm not even allowed to get up by myself from sitting on the floor.  He encourages me to sit and rest.  Will pull the car around so I don't have to walk to where ever it's parked.  Infact doesn't encourage me to walk at all due to the fact that I waddle so bad already. He also lets me take naps. . .daily if I want.  It's so nice.


Jennifer said…
Enjoy your rest. I am glad that Mr. Man is taking care of you. I miss that from when I was expecting---the hubbs would clean the house and run errands...:)
sleepless said…
Rather ODD things "thunk" !

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