Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .I just barely thought about the blog and wouldn't have remembered it was Truth is Thursday if I hadn't seen Julianna's post!

Truth is. . .I spent most of the day going through boxes and overall making a mess in the theory of getting the shed organized.  Instead our house is even messier because I brought in the missing box of newborn - 6 months clothes as well as the 18 month to 2T box of clothes.  Now to get the 12 month, 3T and 4T clothes sorted into their own boxes and put out in the shed.  Yes, our living room looks like a child's used clothes store has thrown up in it.

Truth is. . . Mischief threw up today.  I threw up last night.  I thought mine was pregnancy related (i.e. don't eat a dozen frosted circus animal cookies right before bed Mommy!) but it seems it's more of a bug/virus thing.

Truth is. . .I keep having chunky burps which make me fear I'll bowing to the porcelian god tonight.

Truth is. . .Drama Queen just informed me that she threw up last night.  Not sure if this is factual or invented because it's the "in" thing. . . .

Truth is. . .Drama Queen asks at least every other day how long it is until her birthday. Though today's asking was brought about by my pointing out that Mischief's birthday is in just 20 days.

Truth is. . . I've been really tired these past few days.  Like fall asleep sitting here tired.  I'd just go to bed, as it's almost 8:30pm but DQ took a nap today so she'll be up late.

Truth is. . . we're all very excited for the pools to open.  Memorial day is so close!

Truth is. .  .There are lots of things I should be doing right now. . .namely sewing and putting clothes away.  But I'm just too tired.


Julianna said…
Truth is... It's 11:51 here and I had way too much Diet Coke, which is the only reason I'm still awake.

Here's hoping the porcelin Gods allow you to sleep.
sleepless said…
Truth is...I didn't get much of anything done today..some days are like that even if you don't throw up.

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