Truth is Thursday

Truth is. . . Mischief is a raunch today.

Truth is. . .I am a raunch today.

Truth is. . . .we're both sick.  At least she is lucky enough to be able to take medicine for it.

Truth is. . . .we all slept straight on our mattresses last night.  No sheets or mattress pads.

Truth is. . .that's one of the things in life that makes me cringe.  I NEED those things on my bed.

Truth is. . .while I stripped the beds of their dirty linens yesterday, I washed clothes instead of said bed clothes.  Hence our naked beds.

Truth is. . .I'm hiding in the bathroom typing this on the laptop.

Truth is. .. I did no sewing yesterday,  but I did get all the pieces for Berkley's headband made.

Truth is. . .Mischief is now crying for the like 10th time this morning.  Waiting for the antihistamine I gave her to kick in and make her go to sleep (as well as all the stuff it's intended to do.)

Truth is. . . the bathroom is a very cold place.  Mr. Man took the storm window off and it's not a window that closes.

Truth is. . .I think I'm going to have Mr. Man call my visiting teaching companion to let her know I can't do tonight's appointment.  I just feel like crap.

Truth is. . .I really want sushi.  I'm pondering going to the store to buy an avocado so I can make some california rolls at home.  I have all the needed supplies. ..

Truth is. . .I just came out of the bathroom to find Mischief sitting on the floor infront of Drama Queen who had tweezers in her hand and was telling Mischief "I'm just going to try them out on your hair". Then she spotted me and quickly says, "I found these, I was going to put them in your bathroom."  Uh huh.  Right after you make your sister balder than you already have. . .

Truth is. . .DQ was in the empty laundry basket this morning (a favorite play spot for both girls) barking and howling and announcing every 5 seconds that she was being a dog.  Finally after more than my poor heavy stuffy head could take, I said "DQ, please stop."  "but I'm being a dog!"  I asked her "does Dempsea bark and howl?"  "NooooooooooooooO."  (her words tend to be emphasized with a high note at the end) "That's right because if he did, he'd be gone we wouldn't have a dog."  The child actually caught on real quick for once.

Truth is. . .my throat is sore and dry and thick.  I have a cough that hurts and my head is heavy and stuffy.  I'm snotty, but instead of coming out the front, it's leaking down the back thus resulting in the throat and head issues.  Infrequent sneezes as well, for which I'm grateful since they hurt even more than coughing.  I'm still certain this all started because of allergies. . .

Truth is. . .events such as Mischief bursting into tears and freaking out followed by Drama Queen innocently popping up to say things like, "Of course Mischief didn't have this.  I just found it."  happen frequently in our house.  Usually after Drama Queen discovers Mischief with something she wants.  Though on rare occasion Mischief does throw a tantrum if DQ has something she decides she wants.

Truth is. . .I really don't understand why the girls need the SAME dollhouse baby when we have four to choose from. . .

Truth is. . .I took a nap and feel quite better now! Not fabulous, but better.

Truth is. . .all 3 computers have different shows going on them for different people as well as the tv with a show for Mischief.  It's one of those evenings I guess!


Laurel said…
Lol, I think DQ's "Of course she didn't have this. I just found it." Is hilarious. Of course I am not her mother, so I can afford to laugh at it.

Sounds like you have an exciting day ahead, good luck!

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