Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. .  .my head hurts. . .but not enough for me to be willing to take children's tylenol again.  That was disgusting.

Truth is. . . I'm still congested.  Noat as bad as I was a few days ago, but enough to be grumpy.

Truth is. . .I was trying to take a nap when Mr. Man came home from the gym, showered and climbed into the bed.  I didn't get to sleep.

Truth is. . .I'm tired.

Truth is. . .I'm hungry, but haven't done dishes in 3 days and don't know if I'm hungry enough to do dishes so I'll have something to eat off of/with.

Truth is. . .since Sunday I've gone through one and a half big boxes of tissue.

Truth is. . . .Drama Queen had a very hard time dealing with Mischief's birthday.  She wanted to be running the show, and I was running it at Mischief's pace instead.  That makes for a very cranky and disobedient almost five year old.

Truth is. . .I'm very proud of myself for realizing how I could update some of my older blogs from THIS account.  Yippee!

Truth is. . .I think I'm hungry enough to go do some dishes. . . .and so we had some ramen noodles cause Drama Queen was hungry too.

Truth is. . .Mischief's names for shows are hilarious.  Little People is "E-I-E-I-O", anything princes or with song and dance is "Lella",  Little Einstiens is simply "show", baby einstien and signing time are "baby", signing time is also known to her as "hands".

Truth is. . .my house is a mess.  Still. Some more.  It gets a little better then it gets worse again.  And my being sick for the last week has not helped at all.


Julianna said…
I thought my house was a pit.

I went over to my sister's and found my sneakers sticking to the kitchen floor. STICKING.

My point? Someone's house is always messier than yours. :)
sleepless said…
when you feel is take care of you time..not your house. When you kids were little i had a sign by the front door..If you come to see me come any time..if you come to see my house , make an appointment....

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