Tutu Tuesday - Birdies

The girls (okay Drama Queen) decided that these are not fairy rings, but rather bird wings.  So no dancing going on here, just flying.  Mischief wasn't too interested in her rings though.
She didn't want to put down Morrison.  (Cue Sesame Street's Put Down The Ducky song)
Or so I thought that was the reason she quickly abandoned her blue rings to retrieve Morrison from me.  It turned out that despite my making 4 rings in attempt to avoid fights over someone having them and the other not. . .it's all about the colors. . .Both girls prefer the "sunrise, sunset" pair I made. Guess I'll have to pick up more ribbon packs at Hobby Lobby.
In other news we put the tomato and pepper plants in the ground today.  I'm extremely disappointed with how few survived.  We have 5 tomato plants only and one of them is on death's doorstep.  Thankfully pay day is Friday and I'll be buying some tomato plants.  And eggplant if I can find eggplant seedlings anywhere.  Cause all mine died.  And no squash have sprouted yet.
The backyard is fairing better at least.


Laurel said…
Those rings are very cute and I agree with DQ, they look like bird wings.

I haven't started my garden yet this year. I feel terrible about it . . . but not that much. We did have very cold weather and very late frosts. I am hoping to get something planted this week or next.
Freth Stifter said…
And here it is more than a month late for planting. The corn is half grown and they are already harvesting potatoes. We've already had cherry tomatoes fresh off the plant. We have to keep watering everything (almost daily) so it won't wilt and die on us. Enjoy your garden while I watch mine burn ... ugh. :)
sleepless said…
We planted 7 squash seeds and have 4 plants..2 healthy...of our 5 little tomato plants we were given 1 is growing slowly and 1 volunteer tomato is really big all of a sudden !! yours look real thirsty.

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