Tutu Tuesday

It's starting to look like the birthday photoshoot will be moved to Drama Queen's birthday this year.  Or some time in the month between the girls birthday's.  More overcast and rain here.

I've been putting the girls to bed at the same time lately, and just letting them play.  Mr. Man asks nightly "Why is it they play so well together at bedtime, but fight all day?"  I just tell him I don't know, but that's really the way it is.  I remember bedtime when I was growing up, it was the most fun I'd have all day with my big sister.  So yes, the girls aren't going to sleep until about 9:30pm (or last night it was 10pm, Mr. Man pulled Mischief out of the room because he was getting ready to walk the dog and I was already in bed).

Somehow Drama Queen has avoided getting whatever the rest of us are sick with. *knock on wood* She hasn't had the slightest runny or stuffy nose while the rest of us are excreting green goo and struggling to breathe every night.

Butterfly is quite the active little one.  She's starting to get cramped though, but refuses to accept the limitations that produces and still thinks she can turn somersaults.  *ouch* for mommy.

Tomorrow is Mischief's birthday.  Today I'll be going to get some strawberries for the even.  And I'll make brownies because we all love brownies far more than cake.


Laurel said…
We are sick at our house too, with sore throats. Get better soon! Happy Birthday Mischief!
Julianna said…
We have ice cream sundaes often instead of cake for birthdays.

What month are you in... I've lost track.

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