Week in Cache County

Last Friday we went up to Mr. Man's parents house and returned yesterday.  I forgot to take the laptop with me to upload pictures, so you get caught up on pictures here.  I tried to choose ones for this post that I didn't already share on facebook, so if you looked at that album you won't be bored with seeing the same things again, you'll just recognize similarities, lol.

On our first day there we had nice weather and so were able (and by we, I don't include myself, lol) to work on their yard.  They built their house a year or two ago, and have slowly been getting the yard set-up.
Here's Mischief watching daddy as he was on the backhoe (though they kept calling it a tractor as well, so I don't know what it was).
 The treads of the backhoe as daddy went past us.
 Drama Queen loved having her cousins to play with.
 Mischief loved having all that dirt and those rocks to play with.
 View of the valley from the house.
 Mischief has turned into a daddy's girl and everytime he left the house without her she would sit in the window and watch for him to return.
 Different day: 
 It's a long drive up to Cache County where they live.  Dempsea loves car rides, though he thinks he should be one of those little dogs who can sit on the lap of the driver or front passenger.
 Really cool fungi I found in the garden.  Can my sis-in-law Amanda identify it? Never seen any this large like this before.
 Drama Queen has gotten much braver, thanks to the example of her cousins, and was willing to climb and run and slide and play on what I refer to as the dirt mound.  There's still about 9 feet of snow on the mountains up there and flooding has started in the valley.

 Mischief picked out a nail polish color at the store for them to wear for Aunt Tawnya's wedding tomorrow and here we were testing it out.  After her nails were dry Drama Queen took this picture of me doing Mischief's nails.

 While I was lugging our stuff upstairs to load in the car on Thursday, Drama Queen helped Mischief up the dirt mound where she quite delightedly ran around.
 Much to my discomfort as the mound is taller than I at parts.
 Drama Queen loved all the weeds.  The flowers and the "ticklers".
 I made Mr. Man wash Dempsea before we left and DQ discovered she could draw with water on the driveway.
 It's a self portrait.  Too bad it had partially evaporated before I grabbed the camera.


Julianna said…
I love love LOVE the window pics. Awesome! And the mountains!!! I wonder if people who live there have their breath taken away when I post pics of the ocean, as much as I do when you post of the mountains.
sleepless said…
Such AWESOME photos !! thanks for sharing !!
Laurel said…
I think it looks fun for the girls to explore those big mounds!

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