Went to the post office to mail packages.
Went to walmart to get embroidery floss and liquid starch.  Out of liquid starch.  Don't carry embroidery floss anymore.
Went to Savers in hope of them having embroidery floss and some rainboots Mischief's size (as it appears we'll need to do a rain based birthday photo shoot).  Had both.  Not willing to pay $13 for rainboots or $3 for five small cards of floss.
Came home.
Discovered Mischief wandering the house with no shirt and pants half off, a bloody patch (where her rash is) peeking out of her diaper.
Apparently before going to lay down for a nap, Daddy removed her white shirt so it wouldn't get blood on it, but didn't think to change her diaper and point ointment on the spot and redress her in something that would keep her from being able to scratch.
Drama Queen was playing games on mommy's laptop.
Mischief was watching Sid the Science Kid on TV.


OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  We're no longer TV free.  Daddy went to radio shack and got the needed cable and remote to hook up our digital converter box.  I guess it's cheaper than getting cable which I'm pretty sure he'd been hinting at getting.

Yesterday after Mr. Man was complaining about living in this state, I finally straight out said I have no problem living in Utah.  As no matter where we live, there will be some season of the year that we don't like.  Majority of our immediate family is in Utah, and I'd like to stay by family.

Mischief is not dealing well with this TV thing.  The child has never seen commercials before.  She's having a break down right now because her show disappeared.  Sadly repeating and crying "show, show show".  That's right this child has never had television.

Lovely picture.  My half nake, saggy pants child walking into the room moaning show, then discovering her abandoned lollipop.  Now standing there droopy pants, no shirt, messy curly hair, gleefully licking said lolly.  I'd better go get a clean diaper and one-piece outfit on her. . .


sleepless said…
Mr. Man needs to stay up with the kids if you are not home !!!!!!!!!

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