Thursday, June 30, 2011


Mischief has finally discovered fireworks!  Aerial fireworks are now legal in our city so we get great firework shows almost every night.  Tonight Mischief spotted some through the screen door (which is a silly name for it since it doesn't have a screen).  She stood watching for like 10 minutes even though there were breaks.  I found the camera in time to catch the end.
She doesn't even attempt to say the word "firework" but instead just goes with calling it as she hears it.  "loud"

Happy Birthday Drama Queen!

Mr. Man is taking the camera up to the summit on his ride today, so I got some quick pictures before Drama Queen's "party".  She kept inviting people to a party, so finally I just said okay they can come eat cupcakes at the playground.

Here's the birthday girl doing a sparkly picture thing we got her at the dollar store.  She loves crafts.  And also here are her pink cupcakes.  Ya, mama won't be on cupcake wars any time soon (or ever).

Truth is. . . Thursday

Truth is. . . it's Drama Queen's 5th birthday.  She is thoroughly delighted with the presents she got from her grandparents (both sets).  I let her eat a lollipop, a roll of smarties, and a candy bracelet or breakast.

Truth is. . . I really hope the rain clouds leave by lunch cause my house isn't clean enough for visitors at 4pm.  And unless some miracle occurs, it's not going to get cleaned.

Truth is . . . I think I woke up more tired than when I went to bed.

Truth is. . . I should eat breakfast, but can't think of anything that sounds worth eating.

Truth is. . . Mr. Man is scheduled to work a whole 2 days this week.  Killing me.

Truth is. . . I'm crawling back into bed as soon as Mr. Man gets up.

Truth is. . . Mischief would rather be wrapped in blankets than get dressed.

Truth is. . . Ummmmmmmm. . . .KFC has been calling my name.  In return I've been sticking my fingers in my ears an saying "lalalalalala, I can't hear you."

Truth is. . . along with cleaning, I also have two yellow shirts to be made by tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Glee Project

I like the show Glee.  So I was thrilled to discover that for the summer they're doing "The Glee Project"  looking for a new cast member (for 7 episodes).  I was even more ecstatic to find Damian McGinty is on it.  Mr. Man and I rather like Celtic Thunder, and it's a toss up between Damian and Keith Harkin as to who is my favorite (though I have yet to hear the new guys like Emmet Cahill) Anyway, I've been enjoying Glee Project and realized tonight that I'll probably stop watching if Damian ever doesn't get a "call back".  Looking forward to the new episode in 2 weeks. . .mainly thanks the Damian's comment in the end clip of this week's episode, "Marissa's is doing Booty Call. . . .and the rest of us are committing sins in our head. . ."  Oh dear. . . .at least it's not Lindsay they're checking out. . .

A face only a Mother could. . .


Scratch that.

How about "A face only a Ultrasound Technician could identify"?

What? What's that, you don't see a face unless Butterfly is some form of blob or alien?  Maybe a closer look. . .
You STILL don't see it?  Well golly gee. . . . . . um. . . .neither do I. . . .

Apparently this is location of her face, partially obstructed by the placenta:

Feel like I've been making you stare at ink blots?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy day.

At 9:20am I had my doctor appointment.  Everything is measuring good though I'm not impressed to see that I have indeed gained over 30 pounds.  We did not schedule my cesarean, which was very disappointing.  Instead we scheduled an ultrasound for tomorrow (to check her size and positioning) as well as ALL bloodwork that would have taken place over the last few months.  So tomorrow is going to be an early day too.

I then went home gave input on Mr. Man's re-arrangement of our room, got Mischief dressed, gathered up the kindergarten packet papers and went and picked Drama Queen up from the neighbor's house.  Off to the pediatrician's office we went.  I'm grateful they take your word for it (and make you sign a waver) that you've got Medicaid.  Because Drama Queen will not qualify for Medicaid as of Thursday.  She did great will all the ages and stages stuff, with the exception that she does not know her last name, where she lives, or her phone number.  She's grown almost 4 inches in the last year and gained 3 pounds.  Her BMI is almost not even registering on the graph.  Then she burst into tears when I informed her she needed 5 shots.  She was not impressed.  Thinkafully she calmed down quickly when told her that if she was good and didn't fight the nurse giving the shots, we'd go to the grocery store and pick out her cake mix and frosting.  The kid didn't shed a single tear!  I remember my kindergarten shots.  There was a Fozzy Bear stuffed animal in the office and they had me look at it while they gave the shots.  I didn't cry persay, but I do recall a tear running down my cheek.  I'm very proud of Drama Queen for calming down and focusing on the all so important cake idea.  I was closer to crying than she was.  Our EBT card is magically working again today and Drama Queen picked a strawberry cake mix and some funfetti frosting.

Then we went home, had hot dogs for lunch as it was already after 1 so school lunch was over.  Mischief and I took a nap.  After that we stopped at Sara's house to see if she needed paper for making baby shower invites, but no, infact she already had them all done!!  Wow!  And off to our WIC appointment we went.  That took a whole 10 to 15 minutes, and we then went to the grocery store where we used our vouchers to get some milk, eggs, rice, bread, cereal, beans, bananas, strawberries, and a cabbage.  We got to edumacate the teenager cashier that yes, brown rice IS on the WIC voucher.    We'll go again tomorrow and then the next day so we can use up this month's vouchers before the month is over.  As of next month it's only Mischief and I that get vouchers.

Came home, put a cup of brown rice in the rice cooker with 2 1/2 c. water, a can of diced tomatoes with chipotle peppers, a can of pinto beans, some minced onion, and some vegetable bouillon. I figure I'll serve it with shredded cheese and sour cream.  Hurray for invention casserole!

I feel bad that make-it monday has kind of died, but I just haven't been making lately or if I have I haven't really taken pictures.  Maybe once the house is clean and the baby is here and I'm recovered from the surgery.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The jargon in this may confuse some.

Mr. Man says I'm just fine and not alone in my frustration and irritation with what they did at church today.  For at least three different last Sundays of the month this year they have had joint meetings per the stake's request.  The other two I remember were understandable.  The first was in regard to child safety at home and at church.  Safety against child abuse of many sorts as well as a change to how freely the children can wander the building (not at all).  The next that I recall was on addiction and how the church has programs to help with addiction recovery and going to the bishop to repent etc.  Understandable.
But today?  Really?  It was A FUNDRAISER FOR FRIENDS OF SCOUTING.  I was royally ticked and endured most of it by sitting and planning this week's routine ( having a routine being a recommendation of Taming the Spirited child) and reading the first few chapters of Genesis.  But when they got around to mentioning the cards they had passed out, which I chose not to get one, I had to get up and leave.  The cards were for donations to Friends of Scouting.  Don't get me wrong.  I think scouting is a great program.  But to use the last hour of church to solicit donations from the ward is ridiculous.  I come to church to learn about the gospel and be uplifted.  Not to be asked for money for the boys to continue going to camp.  And as I pointed out to Mr. Man on the way home, why is it, that the girls have to raise money themselves for their girls camp, and yet the boys get to hand out donation cards?
So I'm trying trying trying to be understanding and not too offended that the ward did this.  It's not the ward's fault though, it was a stake wide thing apparently.
Did I mention I have three girls and won't be involved in scouting unless Mr. Man gets some calling to it?  I have no problem supporting it despite the lack of involvement our family will have, but dude, raise your own money, don't take away my church time to solicit donations.

In other news we'll be going to dinner at someone's house today.  We were supposed to go to a different family's house but they found out yesterday that one of their kids has Hand, Foot, Mouth disease and so that had been put on hold.

Pain pain lots of pain.  In my back.  really it's not so cool.  I think I will get off facebook games and go lay down until Mr. Man's meeting is over which is when we'll go over to the family's house for dinner.  I'm trying to not be intimidated by this event cause it's the gal Sara who I've mentioned here before and how fabulous she is, who has invited us over.  She's also going to throw a baby shower for me.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pregnancy Brain

My brain is just not working today.  I've been having alot of pregnancy insomnia the last week so I'm pretty sure that has something to do with it.  That and the summer heat has finally arrived.  Thankfully I found one fan cord today, so that's a delight to have air circulation in the big room.

I couldn't think of anything to make for dinner.  I had no desire to cook and make the house hot(ter).  So I opened the fridge and hoped something would jump out at me, and it did, though not literally.  I gathered up a bunch of ready to eat things and threw them on a plate together for the girls:
 We call it mouse food.  Cause it's lots of little nibbles.  Carrots and ranch dressing (Annie's natural. . .I'm not impressed, but hey it was clearance.)  Grapes and blueberries (thanks Aunt Mary!), string cheese, saltines, and turkey dogs, as well as a little bit of yogurt.
 As for me. I had almost the same thing, but I threw it all into the blender.  Milk, yogurt, grapes, banana, blueberries, carrots, strawberries, broccoli, honey,  wheat germ, flax seed meal and a handful of sugar.
 Couldn't even tell the veggies were in there!  I filled my cup (well Mr. Man's mug) and there was enough left over for two popsicles.
Today started early with my going to help set up the Free Sale a gal in the ward has annually.  Took some of my stuff over for it as well.  I ended up bringing home a few shirts for Mischief as well as two pairs of pants for Drama Queen that look brand new and will be put up until school starts in the fall, and a few baby girl items.  Not that this child really needs clothes.

Then we went up to Salt Lake for lunch with Mr. Man's family.  His cousin is in town with her parents and husband and tiny new baby.  Okay the baby is a month old now, but she's still so tiny!  I was pleased to share some pettiskirt love with them.

And. . .ummmm. . ..the end.

Or not quite.

I'm about halfway through Taming the Spirited Child. . . .and I've realized that it's alot of work.  Because I'm going to have to figure out how to use the techniques on myself and my husband before we can even attempt them on the kids!

In other news. . .when they re-did the roof, they stole the fan from above the stove.  Blank looks and thoughts of "what the. . ." are welcome.  Anyway, it now gets really hot in the cupboard up there.  So hot that it turned into a very bad place to keep the fruit snacks.  We how have lots of little bags of "all natural" gummy lumps sitting in a drawer in the fridge.  Mr. Man just discovered them and thinks it's hilarious.  If only the girls were so impressed.

My back has finally begun hurting, constantly.  I just have to remind myself it's just a few more weeks.  I need to get all the baby linens washed in the Rockin' Green.  Good thing I've sucked at cloth diapering this year or all the Rockin' Green would be gone and we'd have no baby friendly detergent.  But the bag is nearly full.  I just need to get organized. . .

Friday, June 24, 2011

This morning started with an email that was supposedly from the IRS, but I determined it was spam due to it's saying our tax return was not accepted/recieved (we recieved our return months ago) and due to the fact that our address wasn't the only one in the To: or the CC:  so no, I didn't open the attached document.

The other non junk (okay well the only one after that determination) was from myCase which I logged into and discovered that. . . .WE'RE OFFICIALLY APPROVED FOR MEDICAID!!  Drama Queen will only be on until the end of the month as CHIP coverage ends at age 5, so I'm calling the Ped. office today to see if we can get her in ON her birthday next week for the kindergarten physical/immunization.  Mischief and I are covered and it was interested to see that they've determined we are in the 133% of the poverty level.  I don't think we're that poverty stricken, but if they want to, OK!

We'll have to wait for the official Medicaid paperwork to arrive, but I'm hoping that means we don't have to pay a co-pay cause we don't have co-pay money.  Though I just remembered we DO still have money in our flex-savings Health Account.  Makes me so glad we went with the HSA plan last year when we did qualify for Target's health insurance.  All the premiums we paid didn't just disappear, they're in that account and we can still use it.  Hurray!!
I'm doing my best to wait until 8am my time to call my mom and tell her cause then it will be 7am her time, and I think anyone who calls outside the hours of 7am to 7pm should be shot, so I'm not going to be one of those people.

We are still on top of keeping the dishes done!  Our sinks are still clear, they need a wiping, as well as the counter, this morning, but Mr. Man and I are thrilled that we're keeping on it.  It's nice to have a clean kitchen.

I'm very super excited that in one week will be super happy wonderful family togetherness, as my parents and siblings and their families all converge here in Utah.  And then in two weeks. . okay maybe three, I'll be having a baby!  I'm trying to make sure I have stuff gathered for a newborn photoshoot before hand.  So today I'll likely be distracted from things like cleaning and laundry by browsing photographer webpages for ideas.  I'm so fat this pregnancy that I have no desire to do a maternity shoot.  I dread getting on the scale at the doctors office.  I mean I have NEW stretch marks.  I've already had two babies.  I got no stretch marks with Mischief, she just took advantage of the ones that Drama Queen had already provided.  But not Butterfly.  Nope, she wanted to leave her own mark. . .on my THIGHS.  From groin to knee I have a lovely railroad track of red lines and a few even down my calves.  Ick.

Ummmmmmmmm.  Okay, turning on my audio book now and browsing newborn photoshoots.  Mischief is on the floor next to me playing doll house (her FAVORITE) and DQ is in the TV room watching Curious George and coloring in a new coloring book from Aunt Mary (Thank you!!).  I'd take pictures if I could remember where I set my camera.  Maybe it's in my purse.  Yep.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .I spent about an hour on the phone yesterday going back and forth between the Department of Workforce Services and the Horizon card Help Desk because our ebt card wouldn't work.  In the end we went to DWS for a new card and. . . .it's not working either so I get to do it all over again today.

Truth is. . .Mischief joined me in bed around midnight.  And I got no sleep as she thought she needed to be pressed right against me and rubbing my face.  I ended up on the last 8 inches of the mattress when I decided I was done.  Thankfully it was at least 5:45am.  That's almost a decent time to getup.

Truth is. . .I don't want to deal with anything today.  Unfortunately that's not an option.

Truth is. . .I realized yesterday that we have like 3 weeks until this baby is here!  Need hunt out some things. . .
Truth is. . .I may need a nap before 10 when I have a visiting teaching appointment.

Truth is. . .Mr. Man has been thinking!  Yesterday he shared with me that he is still thinking that he'll be a P.E. teacher, yes we'll never be rich, but by golly he finally has an educational goal!  And then last night he told me he'd been thinking that our dog owning is about done because he's come to realize that when school starts this fall he is not going to have time enough for a dog.  That when it comes down to it he'll have time for the kids or time for the dog and his kids come first.  So as soon as we have gas in the car and $25 to take Dempsea to the shelter, he will.

Truth is. . .I am proud of how well I contained my joy at his news.

Truth is. . .I put Mischief down for a nap.  She was cranky and even crankier when I told her she needed to play and couldn't watch another show.  So she asked for "num num" which is what she gets with bedtime.  That's right I'm rotting out my kid's teeth by giving her milk spiked with ovaltine at sleeping times.  It's where she gets majority of her daily calories.

Truth is. . .if it weren't for Mischief bursting into tears three times over the course of three hours, I'd put off calling on the ebt card until tomorrow.  But she really really really wants a banana.

Truth is. . .how is it that little girl nails get so dirty.  I just trimmed Drama Queen's nails and all I can say is ew.

Truth is. . .I'll try to think of some happy-go-lucky truth ises while I'm visit teaching, cause none are coming to me right now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Miss Delightful wakes up


Li'l sleepy head

Mischief has finally realized she doesn't have to get up just because Drama Queen got up and woke her up.  Instead she just transfers beds.  Since we solved the DQ staying up until 11pm problem (I make her fall asleep either on the couch with me sitting guard, or on her bed with me sitting guard), she's gone back to waking up around 6:45 to 7am.  Mischief would like to sleep in, thank you very much.  So she gets up, comes stumbling into my room with her blankie, and snuggles into bed with me. Unfortunately this tends to wake me up a bit too much, so then I'm trapped in bed with a sweet sleeping little girl.  I tend to lay there and wish I had a sketch pad and pencil and was in a position in which to draw the darling's adorable profile.  Instead I grabbed the camera today.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yay, the state fair isn't until September!  That means we may have money so I can get some crazy fair food!  Give me some deep fried something!  Granted I'll probably be on a lose the baby weight health kick by then.  I blame the Key Lime Murder book for my wanting a deep fried candy bar. . .

Baby Your Baby

When I was pregnant with Drama Queen, we got our first tv, and one day I saw a commercial for Baby Your Baby and I went online and got their free keepsake book and newsletters.  And thought woo, free stuff!  I didn't know that Baby Your Baby was even more awesome than that!
We're in the process of getting enrolled in Medicaid for our health insurance.  It's the health insurance for people who can't get health insurance other ways.  Unfortunately Medicaid takes a while to process anywhere from one to three months I've heard.  So what do you do before then?  There are all those doctor appointments a pregnant woman  has to go to, not to mention the ultrasounds and tests.  Well that's where Baby Your Baby comes in.  I don't know if it's a Utah program or if other states have it.  This weekend I was online, stressed out, trying to figure out what to do in regard to doctor visits (haven't been since March when our health insurance ended) and the eventual delivery of the baby.  We've applied for Medicaid, as I mentioned, but it seems we won't find out until 3 days before my due date if we qualify (which we, and now even Baby Your Baby, are sure we will).  So I was reading up more on Baby Your Baby and learned that it's not just a way to keep track of your pregnancy development and then baby's development.  If you're applying for Medicaid, you go to them, and they cover all your doctor appointments until the end of the month that your Medicaid is supposed to be verified.  Yay!!
But as I learned at my appointment today when they gave me my temporary medical card, they also cover any testing or ultrasounds that are done during that time period.  I had a fear it'd be out of pocket, but no, they pay for it.  Awesome!
The girls went with me.  I was not the most patient person and made them sit in silence on the drive there because I was just frazzled and tired and not the best mommy.
I was so grateful to walk in their office and discover a child size table, kid books and magazines, a tv/vcr combo, and a LARGE window in the room where I sat getting paperwork done so I could see the girls and they could see me (which is huge for Mischief, she freaked out if she couldn't see where I was).  And it turned out that the cupboard the tv sat on was full of toys.  As we got paperwork started another worker in the office came and asked if it was alright for the girls to have pretzels and juice.
Talk about stress free appointment!  The girls didn't even need a show put on.  They spent the entire half hour playing with the toys and enjoying their snack.  I did paperwork, got my temporary medical card, watched a video on dental health during pregnancy, and got all sorts of informational stuff as well as a darling recieving blanket!  I even got a snack too!  Very super cool.  Very nice women.  Nothing so stressful as I was afraid of.  My next doctor appointment will be on this Monday, I imagine they won't make me do the gestational diabetes test, as I'll be having the baby so soon and obviously don't have gd.

(side note: as I write this Mischief is standing behind me going Oh! Oh No!  Pee-pee!  Mouse!  She's wearing her first pair of overalls and the gist of it seems to be that she put a tiny mouse toy down her overalls and now can't find it. . . . .)

But for sure I know I will have a blood test to do, and Dr. Baxter will do an ultrasound before I have her.  And they also let me know that if I have her before we have recieved our Medicaid card, to just let the hospital know that we're in process for medicaid, and they'll put medicaid pending and get their medicaid people on it.

(hahaha, Mischief just came over and was opening and closing the door on the desk, and I told her she was a booger.  Her hand immediately flew to her nose and she raised her eyebrows at me.)

So there's some stress gone.  And now I'm going to look through all the papers and pamphlets they have given me.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh those kids - facebook statuses

I tend to document the kids entertaining/unique moments in my facebook statuses, and I realized I should put them somewhere where I can read them again.  So started from today and going back to May 1, here are all the ones related to the kids, too many for me to change all the names, so if you're someone creepy. ..  .well go away anyway!

‎"Ava go put your swimsuit in the bathtub."
"It needs to go in the bathtub so it can dry."
"Um........." she stands, a finger to her cheek and looks thoughtful, "Um......No." and walks away.

Maddie: ‎"Mom! My awkwards!" Um, those are called goggles. "Oh, right, my goggles!"

Maddie: But Princesses don't do Easter stuff. Only Humans. Princesses are not humans. Human girls can only be Human princesses. A witch can turn a Princess into a Human Princess.

I coughed hard, trying to clear my throat of post nasal drip, and Ava calls from the other room: "Okay?!" I didn't know who she was talking to until she repeats herself, "Okay Mom?!" Such a sweetheart!

heard from Maddie as she put away her farm puzzle, "Oh sorry piggy, I'm going to break your head off. . . I took your eye cow!. . . . . There go your toes duck."

‎"Abby? Abby? ABBY! ABBY?" is what I hear from Ava wandering the house. "Oh there you are." She says finding me in the bathroom. "Abby? Poopy?" Yes. Thank you child, I'm poopy. " 's okay. I like you Abby." she says and walks away still calling "Abby!" Oy.

Ava found a travel size bottle of baby wash. PIcks it up gets a delighted smile on her face, hide it behind her back and notices me watching. "Hi Mom" she says oozing innocence. . . .

While I was napping, the man did dishes, cleaned off the stove, cleaned out the sinks, cleaned the bottom of the fridge so we could put the drawers back in (elk blood dripped down there a few weeks ago. . . .), made dinner, put dinner away, got the kids ready and into bed. Such a keeper!!

Maddie randomly walks in the room. "Do you know where the black thing is? The black thing with a handle?"  (turned out to be a lap desk)

nothing quite like hearing your child shriek "Show! show! show! show!" from the moment she wakes up to make you realize you're failing miserably at raising nature loving hippie kids.

Ava's 18 month shorts are too big at the waist and fell below her diaper. Daddy told her to pull them up. So she tried, and then tried, and dad says Pull by your bum, so she tries, then says "Sorry, Won't work."

Um, incase you're the sort that is entertained by mixing koolaid flavors. . .cherry + lemon-lime does not a cherry lime-ade make. It's more like stomach acid. . . .Maddie informed me, "This juice has gone bad."

Ava tripped and said "Ouch my teeth". Oh no! I replied, should we pull them all out? Ava nods, uh huh! then tries to do so. . .

"Mom I need help getting a green bowl. Lots of other bowls are stuck on them." Aka, I want the bowl on the BOTTOM of the stack. Never mind the one on the very top is easily accessible. . .

Too cute. Ava is in the other room watching Blues Clue's while I clean the main room. Every so often she pops in her to tell me, oh so seriously, random tidbits relating to the show such as "Baby. Ya. Baby." Or "Neigh." And waits for a response.

Out of Maddie's mouth as she plays with the rainbow stacker "Welcome to rainbow land! Go to to learn more!"
My child is warped.

Ava was watching an episode of Blue's Clues where they're getting ready for bed. . .at the end of it she came to me and said "Nap. Bottle." And yep, she's happily in bed for her nap now!

Ava got a play cell phone for her birthday. . .one of buttons makes it say "Hi want to play outside?" to which she always answers with a very firm "Yes."

LOL, Ava figured out how to wind the old Fisher Price learning clock. . . .and for some reason thinks she has to spin around in a circle while the music plays. . .

Oh my goodness. . .Ava is the hardest kid to discipline! I have to struggle to keep a straight face sometimes, the kid is so comical, and always practically skips off to time out. . .

Me: "Maddie, can I borrow your scissors real quick?"
Maddie: "What are handle bars?"

Lying in bed. Sound a sleep. Drowsily open my eyes before shifting to new position to find another face mere inches from mom own. Insert sharp and loud gasp along with my jumping at least a foot. Guess we still need to work on personal space. . . .and I need to remember to plug the TV back in before I go to bed.

Thinks it's hilarious how well her 4 yr old can navigate Netflix. Don't know what time she got up this morning, but she watched 3 kid shows on it, Veggie Tales, Eloise, and Caillou

Me: "okay Maddie, I'm at the same table as you. I don't need a play by play."
Maddie: "Actually, You should say craft by craft. Cause it's a craft, not play."

At lunch, she got her foot stuck in the chair. I helped her get it out and reminded her that's why we sit properly in our chairs. So what happens at dinner?. . . .she gets her foot stuck in the exact same way. Really maddie? Really?

Maddie comes to me with a giant pixy stix: Mom, what's these?
Me: It's a Pixy Stix.
Maddie: What's inside? Pixies?. . . .Why are you laughing?

Oh that darling. . . .Ava is sitting in the window (grandparent's have 12 inch window sills. . ) with her hands and face pressed against it exclaiming "Daddy!" everytime a car goes by, then sadly saying Daddy. . . when it's not him.

You know your kid is just as sassy as you thought when Grandma comments on how she doesn't envy your having to deal with the kid as a teenager. And this from a woman who raised 8 kids! Oh Maddie, hopefully we'll both live through it!

Me: Ava, can you share? Please share?
Ava: Please, no.

We went to the dollar store today and Maddie was having issues listening and asking for EVERYTHING, so she lost the snack that she had picked out. After I said no we don't need to get craft supplies, she informs me: "When I'm a mom, I'm going to let my kids do what they want!" Oh I can't wait to tell her about that in 20 years. . . .

The girl's conversation as we drove to Ikea. . .
Maddie: We're friends aren't we!
Ava: Ya!
Maddie: But not really. . . .
Ava: Ya!
Maddie: because you don't share so good sometimes.
Ava: *screams*

Me: You two need to stop fighting!
Maddie: It's not us, it's our babies!

You know it's been a while since you put your kid in a cloth diaper when she's looking at you like you're nuts and shanking her head no as she watches you fold it. . .

Maddie was the last one at the dinner table, had like 3 bites of strawberries and yogurt left. I told her to finish and left the room for a few minutes . When I came back she was getting up and the bowl in front of her was empty. . .just discovered she switched her bowl with Ava's in the sink and stuck her spoon in Ava's empty bowl. . . .What a sneak!

Let the sleep-deprived pregnant woman take her NAP!!!

grumpy is when you lay down for a nap finally and your 2 yr old wakes up from hers with no one else hearing she's awake, so you have to wake up and get up to let her out of the bedroom. And then you lay back down and just finally fall asleep again when your husband wakes you up because he's randomly decided that 70 degrees is warm enough to go swimming and do you want to go. You pretend to fall right back asleep in hope of it really happening, when you hear your husband call out that they're leaving and your brain is functioning enough to know that he's not put sunscreen on them. So you call out to ask about sunscreen and he says he was going to look for some and put it on them when they got down to the pool. And then you wonder how he's been a parent for 5 years and doesn't realize that he needs to put the sunscreen on them about 30 min. before hand. It at least needs five minutes to soak in. . .so you get up and announce you're going with them because if he's that brilliant thus far, how good is it going to be with him and two kids at a pool. So you get changed and sunscreen and get the little one sunscreened, and discover they're taking bath towels with them because they can't "find" the pool towels. Which are kept in the same drawer they have been in for almost two years now. And you waddle down to the pool which half way to the little one decides she's walked far enough and now you have to carry her since the man and older one are already out of sigh then you catch up with them to discover that they've changed the lock and you don't have the right key. At least you can be very proud of yourself for not biting off any heads or saying anything rude/insulting/snarky in the process of any of it all.

In the last 24 hours. . .

I cleaned up the toy area
 As you can see the kids have played since then
 Cleaned and organized the computer desk
 Washed and dried clothes. . . .they need to be put away now. . .
 Cleaned my bathroom sink and counter
 Picked stuff up off the floor. . .needs to be vacuumed next. . .
 swept the bathroom floor and washed the bathmats
 Let the man take a nap after he spent a few hours working on finishing up the painting of the trim on the house, he does work tonight
 Cleaned the girls bathroom sink and counter.
 Swept the floor
 Swept the kitchen and wiped down the table
Washed the counters and cleaned off the microwave
 Shiny sinks!
I also weeded the back garden, hoed the front garden (not as effective, but I hit my squatting limit), hoed the weeds between the street and sidewalk, fed the kids, changed two extremely poopy diapers (one was at 1:30am) put boxes of kid clothes away, put boxes of fabric away, cleaned paintbrushes, painted about a 6 inch square of a shutter (he can't say I didn't help!), got caught up on the dishes so that the dishwasher is actually holding DIRTY dishes and there aren't any sitting out (with exception of cups, cause I'm a use one cup a day kind of person.  Houses were the cup you were using disappears into the dishwasher 10 minutes after you set it down drive me nuts!), took out lots of trash, talked to Baby Your Baby (appointment tomorrow), made a Dr. Appt, and am ready for a nap.  Or some chocolate cake.  But I have one available to me and not the other (and it's not the later).
Wheee.  I'm running on a whole 3 hours and 40 minutes of sleep.  Thanks Mischief.

Now that Mr. Man is up. . .do I stay up and get the things done that I wanted to get done. . .or do I crawl back into bed.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Netflix just added an additional two seasons of Hoarders to their Instant Queue.  Have I spent the day watching?  Yes.  Why do I watch hour after hour of disgusting houses and people in denial?  Because it gets me moving!  While watching, I cleaned off, organized and dusted the computer desk,  cleaned the sinks and swept in both bathrooms, got caught up on dishes, gathered up dirty laundry, and picked up the floor in the master bath (my closet tends to throw up on it).

Now I'm going to go scrub the kitchen sinks and sweep in there before figuring out what it is I seem to be hungry for.  Maybe a sandwich.  It's so nice to have sandwich fixings!!  And we ate half a 16lb. watermelon today.  We love watermelon!

BTW - I will fully accept the description of hoarder.  I'm not in denial to call myself a collector or a saver.

I'm really very proud of myself for actually getting things done today. I've been telling myself I needed to clean the sinks for a while, but just could never seem to usee the time for it.  But now the sinks are clean.  I need to clean the bathroom mirrors and window above the sink next.  And by next I mean sometime tonight probably.  The kitchen floor was way in need of sweeping even though I know I swept it last week. . .with little helpers.  Mr. Man says he'll mop it tomorrow which it very much needs as it has some ice cream on the floor from um, a while ago.
I'd to have the bathrooms mopped as well.

Tomorrow I'll put the boxes of fabric and kid clothes away (pulled out all the 24 month stuff for Mischief, though it's all still a bit big for her).  And I plan to vacuum.  Both living rooms and my bathroom vanity area.  The bedrooms will be for another day.

Wow.  Adella in Season 3, Ep 1 really must. . .um. . .well, she took the trash from the therapy office. . . .As I told Mr. Man, "At least I don't have a need to save trash!!"  To which he says, no, we're just slow at getting it out.  But really, it's not that bad, unless he's forgotten to take the trash out to the curb on trash day and therefore we have no place to put it but to pile bags by the door.   Teri's house in this episode really makes me want to vacuum.  Also Mischief's feet seem to be like my dad's and find anything sharp and pokey on the floor.  And hey, we don't have bugs!  Or at least I don't think we do. . . .Though I did kill a spider the other day, it was hanging from the living room light.
Episode 3 makes me want to wash the walls. . .
Our house will be fully clean (except maybe my closet) before July 1st!!  I'm just glad the dog is limited to one room so I don't have dog hair and germs added to everything else!

So I was about ready to go to bed finally. . .adrenaline rush over. . . and Mischief woke up poopy and sore and unable to get back to sleep.  So now I'm still up. . . it's 2am.  Mr. Man will have a lovely day with the kids tomorrow I hope. lol.  I got the toy area cleaned up.  We'll see how long it stays that way tomorrow. . .

Friday, June 17, 2011

Child Labor

And they enjoy it!

They're painting the wooden stackers we got from Clickity Clack at the beginning of the year.  Mischief painted a stone set before she was bored and Drama Queen painted the fire set and is now moving on to water.  I really love Clickity Clack, because they make wood toys affordable!  We now have a full set (once Drama Queen finishes the water) of Element Blocks similar to the set solds at Magic Cabin.  Only we didn't pay $40 per set.  Happy day!

Though Mr. Man didn't really want to, since HE had not seen proof of it, he gave in and went to Krispy Kreme with his ugly tie.
No, I'm not speaking jibberish.  Apparently our local Krispy Kreme gives you a free dozen glazed donuts in exchange for an ugly tie.  At least until Father's Day. I don't know when this deal started, but oh am I grateful.  It's been so long since we've had food I didn't have to make! Or that Mr. Man didn't. I should give him some credit, he made dinner twice this week and breakfast twice as well.  His friend Josh was willing to go with him, as his wife wanted donuts too, so that's what got him to finally do it.  And I wasn't lying, he came home with a free box of donuts.  Of which Drama Queen ate 3 and I ate 5.

I have grand intentions of whipping out a bunch of cute clothes today and tomorrow (mainly skirts as they are fast) to sell this week on facebook or etsy.  If I do a facebook auction, chances are I'll have a faster turn around than waiting for stuff to be found on etsy.
I was going to list all our 18 inch dolls on ebay, but discovered they have the signs of having been mauled played with by a 4 yr old.  Namely very matted hair.  Only the one I didn't let her play with is in sellable condition.  I'll likely still try though. At least the clothes should sell fabulously.
You do what you can to earn money, eh?
I'm also going to go through my fabric and scrapbook stuff to list on ebay.  Every little bit helps.

Mr. Man is off on a bike ride now.  He's been riding his bike daily for about the last month.  I'm glad.  He does so much better when he has exercised.  He's planning to do a century ride this August.  This week he did a 35 mile ride in 2 hours.  Down to Provo Temple, up to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple, and back around by the lake.  There are two guys from church he sometimes rides with.  I'm kind of jealous.  I'd love to escape on a bike.

As for me, I'm trying not to crawl back into bed.  It's just one of those days I don't want to deal with life, but don't have a choice.  I will definately take a nap when Mischief does today.  The girls and I will probably paint later.  I was going to do enchiladas for dinner, but Mr. Man used half the meat for breakfast this morning, so now I'm going to need to come up with something else.
Well.  Back to sewing.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Around the Garden

I came across a blog today that joins in on a different blog's "Around the Farm" (or Garden) on Thursdays.  And our garden in back has grown so much in the last week I decided I'll start joining in on it.  

Here in Utah Valley we've had a super mild summer so far.  Today is in the mid seventies.  I'm glad for this since my pea plants sprouted late!  Well, everything sprouted late.

 We'll for sure have plenty of radishes.  The tiny plant to the top middle right of this photo is a cucumber plant that was planted in the middle of the radish ring. . . .don't know how it moved to join the ring, could have something to do with the 2 yr old who planted it.
 Our peas:  they all have some blossoms on them, and one even has a 2 inch pea pod!
 Beats and the bean plants.  Something has started eating the bean plant leaves.  Anyone know any natural remedies for that?  I checked under all the leaves and didn't see any telltale bugs.
 I still can't remember if this is the edamame or okra.
 Our lettuce is about 4 inches tall now!
 Out front one of the tomato plants I picked up at walmart has two blossoms on it.  That's really exciting.  Especially since the plants I grew inside are still three or four inches tall.
I can't figure out if I'm over watering or underwatering the gardens.  Out front there are lots of leaves turning yellow. . .since I was watering for an hour every other day, I think it must have been over watering, so I'm going to wait longer in between waterings now in hope that they look healthier and start growing.
I'd hate to lose my watermelon and summer squash plants!
 My pepper plants have yet to grow any bigger as well.  They're about 3 inches high each.  If that.
 These squash plants are a bit close together, but that didn't bother the butternuts last year, so hopefully the summer squash won't mind either as I only have 4 squash plants this year.

And there you have our garden.  I'm hoping it will be productive, though I have my doubts this year.