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I came across a blog today that joins in on a different blog's "Around the Farm" (or Garden) on Thursdays.  And our garden in back has grown so much in the last week I decided I'll start joining in on it.  

Here in Utah Valley we've had a super mild summer so far.  Today is in the mid seventies.  I'm glad for this since my pea plants sprouted late!  Well, everything sprouted late.

 We'll for sure have plenty of radishes.  The tiny plant to the top middle right of this photo is a cucumber plant that was planted in the middle of the radish ring. . . .don't know how it moved to join the ring, could have something to do with the 2 yr old who planted it.
 Our peas:  they all have some blossoms on them, and one even has a 2 inch pea pod!
 Beats and the bean plants.  Something has started eating the bean plant leaves.  Anyone know any natural remedies for that?  I checked under all the leaves and didn't see any telltale bugs.
 I still can't remember if this is the edamame or okra.
 Our lettuce is about 4 inches tall now!
 Out front one of the tomato plants I picked up at walmart has two blossoms on it.  That's really exciting.  Especially since the plants I grew inside are still three or four inches tall.
I can't figure out if I'm over watering or underwatering the gardens.  Out front there are lots of leaves turning yellow. . .since I was watering for an hour every other day, I think it must have been over watering, so I'm going to wait longer in between waterings now in hope that they look healthier and start growing.
I'd hate to lose my watermelon and summer squash plants!
 My pepper plants have yet to grow any bigger as well.  They're about 3 inches high each.  If that.
 These squash plants are a bit close together, but that didn't bother the butternuts last year, so hopefully the summer squash won't mind either as I only have 4 squash plants this year.

And there you have our garden.  I'm hoping it will be productive, though I have my doubts this year.


Laurel said…
Hooray for you pea plants and blossoms on your tomato!

Where I live there is no such thing as over watering.

I have a volunteer pea plant growing in a square with a zucchini. I decided to see what happens! :)

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