Baby Your Baby

When I was pregnant with Drama Queen, we got our first tv, and one day I saw a commercial for Baby Your Baby and I went online and got their free keepsake book and newsletters.  And thought woo, free stuff!  I didn't know that Baby Your Baby was even more awesome than that!
We're in the process of getting enrolled in Medicaid for our health insurance.  It's the health insurance for people who can't get health insurance other ways.  Unfortunately Medicaid takes a while to process anywhere from one to three months I've heard.  So what do you do before then?  There are all those doctor appointments a pregnant woman  has to go to, not to mention the ultrasounds and tests.  Well that's where Baby Your Baby comes in.  I don't know if it's a Utah program or if other states have it.  This weekend I was online, stressed out, trying to figure out what to do in regard to doctor visits (haven't been since March when our health insurance ended) and the eventual delivery of the baby.  We've applied for Medicaid, as I mentioned, but it seems we won't find out until 3 days before my due date if we qualify (which we, and now even Baby Your Baby, are sure we will).  So I was reading up more on Baby Your Baby and learned that it's not just a way to keep track of your pregnancy development and then baby's development.  If you're applying for Medicaid, you go to them, and they cover all your doctor appointments until the end of the month that your Medicaid is supposed to be verified.  Yay!!
But as I learned at my appointment today when they gave me my temporary medical card, they also cover any testing or ultrasounds that are done during that time period.  I had a fear it'd be out of pocket, but no, they pay for it.  Awesome!
The girls went with me.  I was not the most patient person and made them sit in silence on the drive there because I was just frazzled and tired and not the best mommy.
I was so grateful to walk in their office and discover a child size table, kid books and magazines, a tv/vcr combo, and a LARGE window in the room where I sat getting paperwork done so I could see the girls and they could see me (which is huge for Mischief, she freaked out if she couldn't see where I was).  And it turned out that the cupboard the tv sat on was full of toys.  As we got paperwork started another worker in the office came and asked if it was alright for the girls to have pretzels and juice.
Talk about stress free appointment!  The girls didn't even need a show put on.  They spent the entire half hour playing with the toys and enjoying their snack.  I did paperwork, got my temporary medical card, watched a video on dental health during pregnancy, and got all sorts of informational stuff as well as a darling recieving blanket!  I even got a snack too!  Very super cool.  Very nice women.  Nothing so stressful as I was afraid of.  My next doctor appointment will be on this Monday, I imagine they won't make me do the gestational diabetes test, as I'll be having the baby so soon and obviously don't have gd.

(side note: as I write this Mischief is standing behind me going Oh! Oh No!  Pee-pee!  Mouse!  She's wearing her first pair of overalls and the gist of it seems to be that she put a tiny mouse toy down her overalls and now can't find it. . . . .)

But for sure I know I will have a blood test to do, and Dr. Baxter will do an ultrasound before I have her.  And they also let me know that if I have her before we have recieved our Medicaid card, to just let the hospital know that we're in process for medicaid, and they'll put medicaid pending and get their medicaid people on it.

(hahaha, Mischief just came over and was opening and closing the door on the desk, and I told her she was a booger.  Her hand immediately flew to her nose and she raised her eyebrows at me.)

So there's some stress gone.  And now I'm going to look through all the papers and pamphlets they have given me.


Laurel said…
I'm glad that you don't have to be stressed out anymore and can make plans for your birth.
Jennifer said…
*yay* this is such great news :)
sleepless said…
It is GREAT to know there are organizations out there who UNDERSTAND and help !! Yay for you! You should feel very proud of yourself for doing this !!!
Myhouse4nine said…
What a relief!!!!!! I am so glad it turned out to be a good appointment and that it will take stress off of you! YAY!!!!!

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