Busy day.

At 9:20am I had my doctor appointment.  Everything is measuring good though I'm not impressed to see that I have indeed gained over 30 pounds.  We did not schedule my cesarean, which was very disappointing.  Instead we scheduled an ultrasound for tomorrow (to check her size and positioning) as well as ALL bloodwork that would have taken place over the last few months.  So tomorrow is going to be an early day too.

I then went home gave input on Mr. Man's re-arrangement of our room, got Mischief dressed, gathered up the kindergarten packet papers and went and picked Drama Queen up from the neighbor's house.  Off to the pediatrician's office we went.  I'm grateful they take your word for it (and make you sign a waver) that you've got Medicaid.  Because Drama Queen will not qualify for Medicaid as of Thursday.  She did great will all the ages and stages stuff, with the exception that she does not know her last name, where she lives, or her phone number.  She's grown almost 4 inches in the last year and gained 3 pounds.  Her BMI is almost not even registering on the graph.  Then she burst into tears when I informed her she needed 5 shots.  She was not impressed.  Thinkafully she calmed down quickly when told her that if she was good and didn't fight the nurse giving the shots, we'd go to the grocery store and pick out her cake mix and frosting.  The kid didn't shed a single tear!  I remember my kindergarten shots.  There was a Fozzy Bear stuffed animal in the office and they had me look at it while they gave the shots.  I didn't cry persay, but I do recall a tear running down my cheek.  I'm very proud of Drama Queen for calming down and focusing on the all so important cake idea.  I was closer to crying than she was.  Our EBT card is magically working again today and Drama Queen picked a strawberry cake mix and some funfetti frosting.

Then we went home, had hot dogs for lunch as it was already after 1 so school lunch was over.  Mischief and I took a nap.  After that we stopped at Sara's house to see if she needed paper for making baby shower invites, but no, infact she already had them all done!!  Wow!  And off to our WIC appointment we went.  That took a whole 10 to 15 minutes, and we then went to the grocery store where we used our vouchers to get some milk, eggs, rice, bread, cereal, beans, bananas, strawberries, and a cabbage.  We got to edumacate the teenager cashier that yes, brown rice IS on the WIC voucher.    We'll go again tomorrow and then the next day so we can use up this month's vouchers before the month is over.  As of next month it's only Mischief and I that get vouchers.

Came home, put a cup of brown rice in the rice cooker with 2 1/2 c. water, a can of diced tomatoes with chipotle peppers, a can of pinto beans, some minced onion, and some vegetable bouillon. I figure I'll serve it with shredded cheese and sour cream.  Hurray for invention casserole!

I feel bad that make-it monday has kind of died, but I just haven't been making lately or if I have I haven't really taken pictures.  Maybe once the house is clean and the baby is here and I'm recovered from the surgery.


sleepless said…
Make it Monday..you made a perfectly delicious sounding meal in the crocpot ! You are so brave ..this whole day !!!
TopHat said…
I gained 70 pounds with Isaac (only 35 with Margaret) and he only weighed an extra pound and I didn't have GD or anything. Sometimes you just gain weight- plus it's summer time and you'll retain more water because of that. Not fun, but not an emergency at least.

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