Butterfly dropped today.  That doesn't mean much in my world though, as my girls tend to bounce back up the next day or so.  But It's nice to know she's getting closer to ready!  She already has a major startle reflex.  If I sneeze, or cough, or . . .emit other bodily noises all of a sudden, she jumps.  It's a very odd feeling.  And today I was getting some marinade ready and the pan I was using slipped making a very loud noise right infront of my belly and she did the biggest leap of all.

I've decided that I'm just plain allowed to have hairy hippie legs for the rest of this pregnancy.  It's much too much of a hassle to try and get in a position to shave them.

Now I need to get my squeaky clean girls into jammas and into bed so I can shower and get the itchy grass feeling off!


sleepless said…
How is the insurance issue coming ?
You REALLY don't want the bills .

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