Cold day for Waterballoons

I bought water balloons last month.  And we waited for a summery day.  And we waited for a summery day.  And we waited for a day that at least be NEAR the 80s.  Didn't happen.  It's around 70 degrees today (yahoo weather says it's 66 degrees at this time) and we decided to do water balloons.  The girls don't throw them at each other or themselves anyway.

Mischief spent the entire 10 minutes we were out there saying "pop" "more" and "okay".  I assigned Drama Queen to pick up Mischief's broken balloon pieces also, but Mischief caught on real quick to pick them up.  Basically they trade in their broken balloon pieces for a filled water balloon.


Laurel said…
I've been wanting to take my kids out for some water fun. The balloons look like a great idea.
Burnhams said…
I just bought the coolest thing. it is a big bottle with a pump. you fill it with water, pump it a few times, then put a water baloon on the end, pull the trigger and it fills the balloon! AMAZING! and if there is no water in the bottle it fills the balloon with air!
sleepless said…
Brilliant in popped pieces for another !!

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