Food Storage

Starting in about 2 weeks we should be able to start majorly bulking up our Food Storage.  We have a decent supply right now, a month or two's worth of food, we had more but we've been living off of it for a month or two now with supplements of fresh produce and milk when we can.  Anyway, I decided to look online to see what we "should" be storing for food storage. . . .and I no idea what some things mentioned are like germade.  Huh?  And then there's one list based on LDS food storage guide lines that has a heck of a lot of dried peas.  Which well wouldn't work so well for my family as I am the only one who will eat pea soup.  Mr. Man would rather go without eating than eat pea soup.  Lentils are in the same category for him.  So now I'm going to try and find the papers on food storage that I got in our South Ogden ward because one of the gals who put them together is closer to my age and had the same dilemma as me, and so made a list and recipes using food storage that works with current recipes and things.  Like food storage so you can make creamy chicken enchiladas.  Aka, canned chicken, sour cream powder, canned diced chilies, canned cream of chicken soup, flour, salt, shortening.  Stuff like that.  Though there's no way about it, the man is going to have to get used to powdered milk, or else we need to have a cow.  Or I guess be good friends with someone who has milk cows. . .
The dilemma after that is where/how to store it all!


sleepless said…
Store what you eat is the most current counsel. Store it underbeds, in closets...anywhere...But store !! You could store water under the trailer steps area or such.

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