The Glee Project

I like the show Glee.  So I was thrilled to discover that for the summer they're doing "The Glee Project"  looking for a new cast member (for 7 episodes).  I was even more ecstatic to find Damian McGinty is on it.  Mr. Man and I rather like Celtic Thunder, and it's a toss up between Damian and Keith Harkin as to who is my favorite (though I have yet to hear the new guys like Emmet Cahill) Anyway, I've been enjoying Glee Project and realized tonight that I'll probably stop watching if Damian ever doesn't get a "call back".  Looking forward to the new episode in 2 weeks. . .mainly thanks the Damian's comment in the end clip of this week's episode, "Marissa's is doing Booty Call. . . .and the rest of us are committing sins in our head. . ."  Oh dear. . . .at least it's not Lindsay they're checking out. . .


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